The Legend of Lunicorne

The legende of Lunicorne


Hawkmoon region is named after a forgotten age when magnificent osprey lived in this place, which seemed to be illuminated by moonlight during the night because of its special flora and fauna.


At that time, more and more oppressed families were stranded on the coast to take refuge in the « Lune forest », because the ghost ivy that grew there and its fireflies brought comfort in this dark age of the longest night. So that a permanent settlement was gradually created.

Lune Forest

Eolwyn the bard was roaming the lands of Elyria, at that time, in search of inspiration and found the settlement on his way. Touched by the distress of these people, he sang his hymns to bring them courage.


The more he was learning their story by the light of campfires, the more he was discovering that the trials they had gone through developed in them qualities and virtues that were rarely found at that dark age.

Surprised by so much greatness of soul, he undertook, since then, to try and join their forces in a common purpose.

It was during those days that he was regularly wandering the forest charmed by its beauty.

Lune Forest

It is said that one day he came back with a beautiful young woman that was accompanying his songs with her crystal-clear voice. Her name was Licorne.

She spreads many miracles, healing evils, appeasing troubled minds, and chasing away fears and demons.


Some were glad, but it displeased others who accused her of witchcraft with demons.

Easily corruptible is the heart of men, so that as a cancer fear spread, gnawing every bit of virtue in the community to the point that the light itself seemed about to die for the first time within the Hawkmoon region.

At the price of a way paved with unspeakable suffering, enlightened by exemplary courage, it happened that the couple would perish burned by the hands of those they were trying to help.

While they were bound hand and foot to the stake, about to succumb to the flames, Eolwyn and Licorne intoned a dazzling love song, an ode to life and hope to the glory of Elyria.

The whole community was astonished by the grace of their music, and all were frozen, as if freed from their fears and stunned by the heavy consequences of their act.

The flames were about to licked the body of the lovers and soon their song was altered by the bite of the flames that tore out cries of suffering.

Burned at the stake

It is the innocence of the children that saved them all. The children called on their parents to extinguish the flames, so that they got out of their stupor, brought in water and pulled out the couple of the fire on time. Hawkmoon refugees cared for and protected them until they recovered.

As touched by divine grace, an invisible aura henceforth seemed to radiate and protect Licorne and Eolwyn.

Thus the Hawkmoon refugees followed their advice to improve their settlement and coordinate their activities for a common purpose.

Les amoureux

While the flowers were blooming in the surrounding meadows, they were married in a breathtaking ceremony of colors, scents and songs in the forest where everyone felt like they were transported in a dream.

From this union was born the city of Melodine. It prospered and became a place of pilgrimage for all musicians and lovers.

Since then, its inhabitants have been celebrating the cult of love in defiance of the fear that gnaws at Elyria. The Lune forest was renamed « Lunicorne Forest » in homage to their love.


As the city shone and flourished, Eolwyn and Lunicorne retreated into the forest, leaving their people for ultimate advice to promote love around them as a beacon in the midst of a steel and bloodstorm so to continue to bring hope to the oppressed.

No one has seen them since, but the legend also tales :

« In the gloomiest hours Eolwyn the bard will come back to play his beloved masterpiece to enlight the forgotten heart, that lead the tribe to an unexpected way, to claim the dispelling of darkness. »

For the pilgrims, The legend of Lunicorne carries a message that means :

« When we succeed in transcending our fears, our best part emerges and makes possible what was unimaginable before; blowing the best part of everyone into a dazzling success like a diamond thrown out of the flames of hell.

Fear is what hinders everyone from being herself. »

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