23 August

Limited time County Upgrade!

By Serpentius

Greetings Elyrians!

Today we bring glad tidings and cheerful news.

Having seen the maps, we've received feedback from a ton of Mayors-who-would-be Counts-and-Countesses, who are concerned about their prospects during the Dutch auction. To solve this, a new item has been created and is now available for purchase! Find it in the promotions section of our online store.

New Items!


Due to popular demand, we have added the Mayor Title as a standalone item in the ala carte store.

Mayor Title

If you haven't got your fill of Mayor Titles, have never had one before, or you wish you had more titles to upgrade to a county, this is for you!

  • A Bloodline package or above is required to purchase.
  • This item cannot be bundled, transferred, or traded in for EP.
  • Purchasing this item will give you an admission time during Domain & Settlement Selection, if you previously had no other titles.
  • This item can be merged with other Mayor Titles during D&SS to increase the size of a settlement.
  • This item can be upgraded to a Count or Countess Title via the County Upgrade item.

Limit: 6

County Upgrade

Upgrade a Mayor Title to a Count or Countess Title without upgrading your pledge package.


Upgrade an existing Mayor Title into a Count or Countess Title, allowing you to claim a County (and a Settlement inside that County) during Domain & Settlement Selection at your existing pick time! This upgrades just the title, and does not give additional pledge package rewards. No need to wait until the Dutch auction after the main event to take your place among the nobility of Elyria.


  • This item will appear as a 'Count or Countess Title (Mayor Upgrade)' in your inventory, however it is identical in all ways to a 'Count or Countess Title' aside from the limitations specified below.
  • Purchasing this item does not change admission time or pick week. Because Influence has been locked for D&SS as of August 19, 2019 at 11:59pm PDT, Influence Points will still be awarded to the account but will not factor into pick times for this event.
  • The 'Count or Countess (Mayor Upgrade)' item replaces a Mayor Title item in your inventory and cannot be undone.
  • The new item cannot be bundled, transferred, or traded in for EP.
  • The item can be merged with other Count or Countess Titles during D&SS to create a multi-county.
  • This item is not purchasable by accounts with a Free Kingdom title.

Availability: This item will disappear from our online store at the end of Domain and Settlement Selection and before the Dutch auction.

Quantity: There will be a limited number of these items available per server.

We hope you enjoy this new item as we speed ahead towards Domain and Settlement Selection!