19 August

The Domain & Settlement Selection site is live!

By Vye

Hail and well met, Elyrians!

It's my pleasure to announce the launch of the Domain & Settlement Selection website! While away the hours browsing all the various properties across 12 different biomes inside of player-run kingdoms. Peruse dozens of duchies, hundreds of counties, and thousands of settlements! Get inspired by regional names, industries, professions, and resources. Plot out likely trade routes, shipping lanes, and points of strategic importance. Scope out which player community you'd like to join because, don't forget, claiming property in another player's domain will create an undeniable link between you and them!

View the maps <-- Click this

What's next

The maps are only available to view right now, but we will soon resume picking. If you have titles, you'll receive a message with your admission time when we are ready to resume the event. Then, following the final week of Domain & Settlement Selection, we will be doing some planned maintenance on the maps and then preparing to sell off the remaining property in a Dutch-style auction. The prices will drop every day during that time, with savings up to 45% possible! There's even the possibility that a new king or queen will appear on the Selene server.

We haven't forgot about our Kickstarterversary celebrations either! Look for an announcement on that in the coming weeks.

Admission Time Adjustments and Proxies

In an effort to improve admission times, we've made the following changes:

  • Admission times now take your selected server into account, and all times will be between 6am and 11:59pm for the major time zone in the region of your selected server. For Angelica (NA-W) this is PDT, on Luna (NA-E) this is EDT, on Selene (EU) we are using CEST, and Oceanus (OCE) will use AEST.
  • Admission times will be evenly distributed throughout the time window each day, which means that there will be more time between your admission and the next person's admission.
  • Due to these changes, we can no longer update admission times based on influence gained during the event. Instead, influence for the purposes of pick order will be locked, as of 11:59pm PDT on August 19. Since admission times are no longer occurring between midnight and 6am, and because admission times have been spread out better, the need to move one's time up is no longer necessary. Note: a change in highest owned title (ex. Mayor to Duke) will still move you into the appropriate week for the new title.
  • A new proxy system is being introduced for anyone who feels they will be unable to pick when their admission time comes. You will be able to request another account to stand in as proxy for you via your Account page once the event resumes and you receive your admission time.

What to expect

The kings and queens of Elyria have already chosen their kingdoms, so you will see those claims already set on the maps from the start. If you have your eye on a certain kingdom, this will make it easy for you to start researching your own picks. Duchies, counties, and settlements are placed on the map with a temporary name (shown in italics). When the property is claimed, its owner can choose to keep that name or enter a custom one. Monarchs must still choose their duchies, counties, and settlement, so don't be alarmed if you don't see their other planned property names on the map yet.

You can view the maps for any server, but picking is not yet enabled. We will soon announce new pick times and message title holders with their admission time.

The map depicts what is possible to build in our in-game cartography system by a Master Cartographer. There may be information you'd like to add (for example: where resources can be found) or elements you'd want to streamline (for example: only show trade routes and ignore terrain). That will be up to cartographers in-game. While we have no current plans to take down this map, there are still thousands of discoveries to be made in Elyria, just waiting for an intrepid soul to chart it!

Please note: the D&SS App is not optimized for mobile devices.

Any Questions?

To prepare yourself further for picking your property, you can read the Domain & Settlement Selection Details post.

Need to know more? Check our FAQ, and post a new question if you don't find what you're looking for.

Happy hunting!