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The Vorinsthar Family, Bannerhouse loyal to the Duke of Tenebrae

Updated: 04/20/2019*

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Welcome to this post, my name is Azrialis, BannerLord and head of the Vorinsthar family!

I would like to state here that I thank you for taking the time to read my post, and I appreciate all of you guys for making our community awesome. If you are new to the community I would like to stress that though you may be about to read an overwhelming amount of information on an imaginary organization, I am here to assist you in any way possible. When the game starts I want our organization to be a close knit group of friends who strive to assist each other in anyway, I wont allow any of you to be completely lost, so PLEASE speak up whenever you need anything. I'm the leader of this House and i hope to assist and make your experience in the world of Elyria the best that it possibly can.

Though I can probably assume that most of you know what a House or Household is you probably do not know what a Bannerhouse is. A Bannerhouse is similar to a House in that it is a noble and powerful family. Bannerhouses differ in that they pledge fealty to another normally more powerful house. In Bannerhouse Vorinsthar's case we have pledged our fealty to the Duke of Tenebrae. In doing so the Bannerhouse receives the absolute support of the Duke and his family, what the Bannerhouse owns is the Duke's and the Duke's resources are for the Bannerhouses use. The Vorinsthar family is a Bannerhouse of the Pierrot family, we pride ourselves on serving to the best of our ability under the great Duke of Tenebrae, Impius (Shady) Pierrot. If you are interested in serving as a Bannerman for the Pierrot Family, the rightful rulers of the Duchy of Tenebrae, continue reading below!

A Bannerman can be any person (noble or not) who serves in a Bannerhouse and pledges themselves to a noble house, in this case the Pierrots. My Bannerhouse, Vorinsthar, is recruiting loyal people willing to serve in my Bannerhouse and pledge themselves to the Duke of Tenebrae. Any mayor or noble who may be interested in starting a settlement or barony in the Duchy of Tenebrae is also welcome to join my Bannerhouse. You would be given the title of "BannerChief" and be able to recruit Bannermen to my name while ruling them in your own town/settlement (more info down in roles). Any Bannerman recruited to Bannerhouse Vorinsthar will have to swear their sword to myself (Azrialis) and the Pierrot Family. You will be required to answer the calls for war, attend raids, defenses etc whenever they may happen. Other than that you are free to pursue whatever else you want, more information down below.

Lorewise, Bannerhouses were created with the help of the Pierrots and thus from this history stem the root of their loyalty. The sole reason that the Pierrots created the Bannerhouses was for a loyal force that would allow them to secure the Duchy in the event that the Great Aristocratic Houses and the Duchy’s standing army fails. You could classify us as the Royal Army of the Pierrots.

Duke Shady Pierrot is willing to ensure the housing and necessary resources as long as Bannerhouse Vorinsthar is a strong, loyal and close-knit network of people. As quoted from Duke Pierrot “Being a Duke overseeing multiple counties, I intend to be able to provide more support and resources than a normal ruler. With the size of the duchy and the great extent of its borders, I have to make sure the Pierrot Family and it's Bannerhouses are prepared for anything.”

About House Vorinsthar

House Aspirations:

We hope to become the stalwart bastions of the Duchy and loyal Bannermen to the Pierrot family. Guardians of Tenebrae and champions of the people.

My Vision for House Vorinsthar:

I hope to ensure that everyone's best interests are met with whatever is required. My Bannerhouse is a more martially oriented household. If you are interested more in fighting and participating in wars, battles, raids or defenses then this is the place for you. Of course people who have secondary interests in trades such as blacksmithing, scribing, farming etc are welcome as well! I look forward to fighting alongside everybody in my household and treating everyone as if they were my own brother. Everyone in the Bannerhouse will have equal opportunity to achieve whatever you want. On my free time I will also try to organize adventuring events so if adventuring is something that interests you than feel free to join me! Of course aside from being all serious I hope we all end up having a sense of brotherhood and can enjoy each-others companionship; maybe we will end up trashing a tavern together while having a good time? Who knows.

Any member of the Bannerhouse is a member of my House and is not required to take orders from anyone other than myself and the Duke of Tenebrae or his family. If someone says otherwise, be them noble blood or not, they will have to take it up with me or if it comes to it, the Duke. Myself, Azrialis Vorinsthar, answers directly to the Duke of Tebebrae and no one else, other than perhaps King Dleatherus. I hope to be able to personally support and help all of my Bannermen pursue their dreams in game as long as they support the Bannerhouse and the Duke of Tenebrae.

My Goals for the Household:

  • My very first goal when we get into the game is to construct a manor in the capital to house and support every Bannerman that requires housing, food, clothing, etc (people who don't already know where they want to live are free to live in our household’s manor in the capital).

  • My second goal is to construct Castle Vorburg and assist Baron Nizari in constructing The Barony of Vorburg where the castle will be located. The Barony of Vorburg will be located on one of our frontline counties in the duchy and will be the hub for Bannermen from the Vorinsthar Bannerhouse to meet. The barony will also provide Bannermen a place to live if they wish to stay close to the action while pursuing other things during times of peace. Of course you are not required to live here or even visit here but many of the meetings, speeches, and events for our Bannerhouse will happen here and some of them you may wish to attend. Members of The Order of Vor ARE required to contribute in some way to The Barony of Vorburg and train at the castle grounds periodically so it is recommended that you live here, of course it's not required. BannerKnights and BannerChiefs will also be required to attend certain meetings held in Castle Vorburg more information on these positions down below.

  • My third goal is to after having situated everything else previously mentioned, build multiple fortresses and defenses throughout the Duchy of Tenebrae. These fortifications would be constructed by my BannerKnights and BannerChiefs.

  • My fourth but certainly not least important goal is you guys! I will ensure that all of you are trained and outfitted with the needs and skills befitting your play-style. If you need anything at any time you are my first priority. I will strive to assist you all in any way possible be it in game, or out of game. If you have any questions pertaining to our Bannerhouse or general game mechanic questions I am always open to offer you my assistance. If there is a problem between members of my Bannerhouse or someone outside of my Bannerhouse it is my duty to resolve that as well, please notify me of infighting so I can defuse the situation before it gets worse. Nobody likes it when people who are supposed to be friends or allies fight, it just leads to a stressful awkward mess.

  • Lastly On my honor as the BannerLord and Patriarch of Bannerhouse Vorinsthar, I will not sit back and watch my men die. I will lead the charge and fight alongside our forces to achieve victory in the fields. Together with my BannerChiefs, BannerKnights, and Bannermen, we will fight to live and fight to win. We will bring peace to our land knowing that blood will be shed, honoring and remembering the casualties of war.

Specific Roles

At the moment I am recruiting multiple people interested in leadership roles as well as people interested in the already created divisions/squads. My Bannerhouse will require people who perform all sorts of tasks, if you are interested in any of the following you are welcome to join! If I missed a role that you believe would benefit a military body and are interested in that feel free to comment or message me on discord! The core of our forces will consist of Bannermen, our warriors. They will be trained in close quarters combat and ranged combat.

Open Positions

  • BannerChief (CLOSED)
  • BannerKnight (LIMITED)
  • Bannerman under a BannerKnight
  • Bannerman under a BannerChief (LIMITED)

Leadership Roles:

Notice: All Leadership Roles are Limited!

BannerChief: (ALL OPENINGS TAKEN) This role is given to any owners of settlements or strongholds interested in joining my Bannerhouse and the Vorinsthar Family. BannerChiefs would be required to marry into my family (you may keep your own surname if you choose), and you would acquire the benefits family members give each other. BannerChiefs are able to create their own separate military divisions of my Bannerhouse and house them in their own settlements if they wish. BannerChiefs are provided all the necessary funding/resources for whatever they need. A list of possible divisions to be made are listed below, of course I cannot come up with everything and if you believe there is something else that a military body needs you can comment or message me to see what I think. Those who reach tremendous merits in my eyes, and our Duke's may be made a BannerChief by being given his very own settlement or stronghold, a holding that would be constructed using the Bannerhouse’s resources and manpower.

BannerKnight: (RECRUITING)

Anyone can become a BannerKnight, my Bannerhouse requires a few people interested in leading their own squads of Bannermen in our army. This is a leadership role, and if that interests you than there are a limited number of slots open. You would lead your squad of Bannermen into battle under my banner. As a BannerKnight you would be given land equal to that of a knight and provided all necessary funding and resources for housing and arming your men as well as other possible endeavors.

Difference between a BannerChief and BannerKnight: (May be redundant information)

A BannerChief is someone of noble stature or someone Duke Shady and I specifically choose who is interested in creating a special division in the Bannerhouse. A special division is anything other than your standard squad of Bannermen e.g cavalry, recon etc. A BannerChief also marries into my family and shares the name of Vorinsthar reaping the benefits of being in a rich and powerful family. A BannerKnight leads a normal squad of Bannermen (exact number of how many people will be in each squad currently unknown). A squad of Bannermen is what the bulk of the army will be made up of and therefore multiple BannerKnights will be needed. Even if you are the poorest of the poor if you show or prove to me that you have what it takes to be a leader you will be given all that you require to lead as a BannerKnight. BannerKnights as well as BannerChiefs will participate in meetings and war councils located at Castle Vorburg. If you have anymore questions on the topic of ranks/roles or anything else regarding the specifics of the Bannerhouse please ask.


These are at the moment every BannerChief and division that we have. Of course it may not be a complete list and if you come up with something feel free to suggest it or message me inquiring about it and you may be given the position!

Notice: Each division has a limited amount of space for Bannermen, request while you can!

The Vorinsthar Army:

BannerLord Azrialis Vorinsthar

The Vorinsthar Army is the overall combination of each separate division led by BannerChiefs as well as the BannerKnights and their Bannermen. The bulk of the army will consist of our Bannermen the soul of our Bannerhouse, they are our soldiers our main warriors who charge head first into the enemy. They may be trained in ranged combat or melee combat dependent on their decisions of how they wish to fight. During a battle or war the BannerChiefs will be conducting their own personal missions be it protecting our officers, setting up siege, sabotage, or healing the wounded. We also have the Order of Vor which is a collection of our strongest warriors who will also be fighting or conducting their own missions as well. Meanwhile the BannerKnights will be leading their Bannermen against the enemy forces trying to capture strategic points and following strategic formations. Myself, your BannerLord, isn't like your average corporate overlord who sits at the top and does nothing, I will be leading the charge, fighting alongside my Bannermen, BannerKnights, and BannerChiefs. I refuse to be some scared general who sits in the back handing out orders.

We require Bannermen to fight in the Army, we need YOU if you have the spirit to fight and possibly die to protect our land. Survive and win, and you bask in the glory of victory and will be awarded for your achievements. If you wish to join as a warrior you have at the moment four options. There is one BannerChief position open this position is open to any noble who would pledge their allegiance to my family and run their own specific military division within my Bannerhouse. You may also join as a BannerKnight and lead your Bannermen into war, join as a Bannerman under a BannerKnight and join the charge, or join as a Bannerman under one of the divisions led by the BannerChiefs, operate the siege, become a medic, serve in the personal guard, recon the area while performing possible spy, sabotage, or assassination missions, or attempt to join our elite squadron of soldiers, the Order of Vor. The choice is yours.

Knights/Cavalry Division:

Baron Nizari of Vorburg | Order of Vor

This division is run by Baron Nizari Vorinsthar, ruler of the Barony of Vorburg and leader of the Order of Vor. Only the most honorable and worthy of men are able to join the order. These men must be proficient in combat, survival, and horse riding skills. The Order of Vor is the cavalry division of Bannerhouse Vorinsthar, a division that will serve as the face of the bannerhouse. These men bravely charge into the fray of battle and know no fear. An adequately trained unit working in unison has the power to change the tides of war that is why the knights are their own order. You could refer to these men as the elite squad of the Bannerhouse. They will be big, they will be strong, and they will not go down easily. They will be provided with the highest quality of armaments we can offer. The Order of Vor is recruiting only the most dedicated of people, we look for quality, not quantity.

Recon Corp:

Head of Reconnaissance Lineere | Division of Reconnaissance

The Vorinsthar Division of Reconnaissance is run by Lineere and will consist of cunning and intelligent people. The members of this division are expected to be highly loyal people as what they do or the information they gather could possibly influence an entire battle. This division will map the surrounding areas, gather strategic intel on the land, as well infiltrating enemy lines to gather other information or perform certain actions. They will be trained in hit and run tactics such as guerrilla warfare, laying traps, ambushes, and sabotage as well as other more "shadier" methods. Not only must they be intelligent but they must be proficient enough in combat to handle more than one or two people at a time. This is due to the fact that if you are caught behind enemy lines you will more than likely always be outnumbered. Bows, ranged weapons, and maybe a dagger to shove into the enemies heart are your best friends.

Research, Education and Arts Division:

Mayor Gravev Ben-Beirdd | Kadeir Taliesin

This division is run by Mayor Gravev Ben-Beirdd who runs and owns the grand city of Kadeir Taliesin. Gravev intends the city to be the quintessence of the arts in the world of Elyria, offering home to all the artists and artisans who seek the mastering of their abilities in any and all of the arts and skills available. Research in all aspects of the world is conducted here, alchemy, cartography, animal husbandry, military advancements, schools and academics, you name it, they hope to be at the forefront of Elyrian evolution. The city will be a safe guarded treasure, beautiful and well defended, a safe haven for all. There will be a university, library, museum, a grand garden, a beautiful tavern, trade district, crafting district, a multipurpose animal needs center, and many other unique places of interest within the city that will make it a beautiful place to be. You may choose to work researching advances in military, medical or other fields to advance the technology that protects our Kingdom. Bannermen may also live here with their families to pursue secondary interests when their duties as military men are not required. This city will be a place of beauty, happiness, music and art for all to enjoy and experience!

Medical Corp:

Head of Medical Corps Vergillius | Vorinsthar Medical Corps

The Vorinsthar Medical Corps is run by Vergillius and will consist of Bannermen trained in providing first aid and full medical treatment while on the battlefield. Members of this division are expected to maintain some competent levels of combat capabilities so they do not turn into a liability while on the battlefield. On top of that they are expected to master the skills of applying medical treatment so that they can be applied amidst or after a battle. This will be an important role for our Bannerhouse as healing is an actual skill and not everyone in the Bannerhouse will be able to heal themselves fully or quickly without a trained professional.

Siege Corp:

Lead Operator CommissarKy1e | Link Unavailable

Siege weaponry is a huge advantage in war in actual siege and in eradicating massive amounts of enemies, we will need people willing to construct and operate them for our Bannerhouse.

If you have any suggestions for important divisions of a military body that you think I missed please let me know so I can add it to this list!

Free-time/Other Pursuits:

Our Kingdom will not always be at war. Though it is going to be a big aspect of the game there are obviously other things that people wish to pursue as well. In light of that I encourage everyone to pursue whatever they desire (in fact I'll be wandering around doing whatever too when I don't have important matters to carry out) . People in my Bannerhouse are free to make guilds such as mercenary guilds, blacksmithing guilds etc. If you would like to work for someone else's guild/business I don't care as long as your first priority is to myself and The Pierrots when war comes. Of course you can manage your own lands, make a farm, breed animals, adventure, whatever your heart desires. When I have the time I will be organizing events for our Bannerhouse as well. These may include contests, planned adventures of areas (I know some of you out there want to plunder some dungeons so here's your chance lol), clearing out known bandit threats in our duchy, or just helping with any local issues that require multiple people. I wish to be of use to you all so if you have any questions PLEASE ask. If you end up with financial problems or something similar I hope to be able to support you through the tough of it with as much help as I can provide.


Duke Impius (Shady) Pierrot | The County of Shade.

Baron Nizari | The Barony of Vorburg.

Mayor Gravev | Kadeir Taliesin.

Viscount Exanix | Ruthenium Blacksmithing and Mining Company.

Taurus Blackhorn | The Order of the Raven.

Ending Statements

Again, I thank you for reading all of this and making it to the end of my post. If I have convinced you or at least piqued your interest here is the discord link to the Duchy of Tenebrae! Please feel free to contact me on our Duchy's or my Bannerhouse's discord!

Duchy of Tenebrae Discord

Bannerhouse Vorinsthar Discord

I encourage you to participate in our Duchy as a whole! And I hope to speak to you later!

Interested in becoming a warrior/soldier? working in reconnaissance, espionage, sabotage, assassination? joining an order of the strongest and most honorable knights? becoming a field medic? operating siege? or joining a personal guard? Click Here!

3/9/2018 10:46:57 PM #1

This looks like a really interesting idea, I might be inclined to try it. Nevertheless, hope it works out well for you!

3/9/2018 10:52:18 PM #2

Azrialis's a exceptional and loyal bannerman with big dreams and goals for the Bannerhouse Vorinsthar. Take a look and you just might find yourself a good group to play with. And a welcome to the 2 mayors and bannermen that joined Bannerhouse Vorinsthar.

Right now, I'm just a sloth. Just a motionless sloth. A sinful sloth. Please don't make me work. Can't you see how troublesome it would be to get up everyday and actually be productive? Just leave me be. Let me be a sloth.

3/9/2018 10:56:59 PM #3

Loving this group. In addition to providing information for our battle's, forts, etc., I will be keeping a library (possibly a few later) of valuable information I find during my travels.

In times of peace I plan on gathering information on just about anything in this world. From the mysteries of the Akashic Records, to maps of the regions and even instructionals on various skills.

I am glad to have found such an amazing group!

3/10/2018 5:16:06 AM #4

We have some real interesting stuff being planned, an economy being mapped up, a logistics chain coming up, and how we're going to be creating fun when the game is out :)

3/13/2018 5:41:26 AM #5

Glad to have someone like you in our County, Azrialis. I look forward to working alongside the house of Vorinsthar.

3/18/2018 2:37:24 AM #6

Those who are interested in Private Security Detail: Working on the discord now. Once it up and running, link will be available.

Howard Magistrate

5/5/2018 8:12:29 PM #7

Reformatted some sections of the post as well as added some more information, if anything is unclear please ask me here or through discord, Cheers!

County of Shade Discord

Bannerhouse Vorinsthar Discord

Interested in becoming a warrior/soldier? working in reconnaissance, espionage, sabotage, assassination? joining an order of the strongest and most honorable knights? becoming a field medic? operating siege? or joining a personal guard? Click Here!

6/17/2018 5:34:06 AM #8

Its a really great group of people and I look forward to running the medical corps :).

The Vorinsthar family is a Bannerhouse of the Pierrot family, we pride ourselves on serving to the best of our ability under the great Count of Shade, Impius Pierrot. If you are interested in serving as a Bannerman for the Pierrot Family, the rightful rulers of the 8 counties of Shade, continue reading.

7/26/2018 4:16:27 PM #9

Long live the Bannerhouse and the Pierrot's!

8/14/2018 3:03:52 PM #10

Wow everything seems really thought out. i plan on contributing as much as i can to the recon division during times of war and peace. Information is power after all.

Mayor of Kadeir Taliesin

County of Shade and Redwald
Kingdom of Bordweall(NA-E)
11/7/2018 3:30:23 PM #11

Recruiting is still active! We are currently looking for Bannerknights (people interested in leadership positions, command squads of players and npcs) and Bannermen, our foot soldiers and archers. All of the Bannerchiefs are also recruiting to their specialized squads as well, definitely check them out! If you wish to inquire on any topic feel free to ask.

Interested in becoming a warrior/soldier? working in reconnaissance, espionage, sabotage, assassination? joining an order of the strongest and most honorable knights? becoming a field medic? operating siege? or joining a personal guard? Click Here!

3/26/2019 4:50:28 PM #12

One BannerChief position is left, if you are a noble landowner interested in the military and the defense of yours and the kingdoms land against invaders consider joining the BannerHouse as a BannerChief! A BannerChief would marry into my family and shares the name of Vorinsthar (you can choose to keep your own surname) reaping the benefits of being in a rich and powerful family as well as living a FAR from boring life.


The final Bannerchief position has been taken there is now a total of 7 baron/mayors serving as Bannerchiefs in the household. Now I will begin recruitment for our Bannerknights the officers who command groups of Bannermen.

Interested in becoming a warrior/soldier? working in reconnaissance, espionage, sabotage, assassination? joining an order of the strongest and most honorable knights? becoming a field medic? operating siege? or joining a personal guard? Click Here!

4/20/2019 5:40:23 PM #13

Great group. Just joined a couple of days ago and I'm one of the new Bannerchiefs. Can't wait to get started.

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