12 June

Inside Chronicles of Elyria: Ep. 6

By Caspian

Hey all!

Today’s an important milestone for Kingdoms of Elyria, because we’re not only showcasing some of the first footage from the game, but also demonstrating a key component of Chronicles of Elyria!

This month's episode of Inside CoE - now in its sixth episode - details what we’ve been working on, some of the challenges we’re facing, and a dose of gameplay to show you the first moments of what you can expect in our Alpha test.

As we march towards KoE’s launch later this year, our sole intention in the weeks and months ahead is to build on the client in every single way - with the first Alpha test acting as an anchor for all improvements as we move forwards.

We’re keen to stress that this is a first Alpha test, we’ve a long way to go, and as we detailed in our retrospective last week, even with 25% of KoE completed there is still a great deal we need to accomplish.

Despite that, we’re excited to get this early look at Kingdoms of Elyria into your hands, get your feedback, and build on the core foundations we’ve built.