23 October

Map Voting Has Begun!

By Serpentius

Hail Elyrians!

Map Voting Is Now Live!!!

The process of Map Voting is detailed in the announcement post, which includes a detailed FAQ. Additional FAQs will be added there, if needed, so check there before seeking help.


The server-specific general forums are the best place to have discussions as it pertains to your desired server. Posts to campaign or discuss specific maps for a server will be moved out of the General Discussion forum, but discussions about the voting process are okay there.

A temporary #map-voting channel has been opened in our official Discord. Make sure you check the pins for additional rules that apply to that channel.

With that in mind, remember that there are 10 days or until Friday, November 2nd at 12pm PST, to vote!

Head over to the Map Voting page and join the unfolding story of Elyria!