6 April

Name and email changes now available

By Vye

Gather round my Elyrian brethren,

As mentioned in yesterday's blog update, we've got a ton of awesome website improvements coming up. The following improvements are now live on the site!

Bounties Collected

  • Bullets and numbered lists should be indented more
  • Editing a post with markdown causes error message
  • Deleting the last post in a thread doesn't update the topic information

Contracts Completed

  • Add new post count/designators to top level forums
  • Add support for reporting posts
  • Change Email Address
  • Allow users to set avatar pictures
  • Signature Preview
  • Add Preview to posting
  • Change user name
  • Shop item to purchase user name change (after the 1st) - coming soon

Let us know if you find any issues by adding them to the Report-A-Bug forum, specifically in this post. If you just want to discuss the changes and how much you like them, put those replies right here!

May your dreams become your reality and may they inspire the world,