Cross-ocean Suicide Mission [RECRUITMENT]


If you want to make an ALT (or bring your main if you really want) and sacrifice it in a suicide mission to explore the ocean ASAP when Exposition hits or test it out during alpha and beta:

  • Leave a reply here saying you want to.
  • Put your server if you are not NA
  • If you want to test during alpha/beta list the earliest access you have

When we have more details about ocean travel and boats we can start setting up a plan for testing and the main expedition.


I don't want to drown and die!

Most players (if not all) who do this should probably be on an alt (alternate character) and not your main character. Every account has 3 soul slots. This does mean if the expedition is unsuccessful you will lose a spark of life so be prepared for that.

Where/When/What are the plans?

As of this point there is really nothing to plan. Discussion will most likely start once we have information about sea travel and other systems needed to support it like resource gathering, carpentry, swimming, fishing, food storage, etc.

List of people "on-board" (literally) [NA]

  • Kirvin [A2]
  • Ender
  • Sanguinesh Eviscerator
  • Terrantal
  • Amberic [A1]
  • Meyade
  • Ramplate
  • Eurickdm
  • Amaziah Aryeh
  • Dresdel
  • Trulhammaren
  • CountDeadpool
  • Nuch
  • Lisc [A2]
  • Thagon
  • Awakan [A1]
  • Ragnar Ragnarsson [A1]
  • Tiberius_Invictus [E]
  • NiHZ
  • Mightyfish
  • Mereas
  • Nagash
  • Vilucide [A1]
  • Telos [A1]
  • Gnoll [A1]
  • Lo-Taren
  • Davidxbo
  • Overdhose
  • Wroughthammer
  • Kab
  • Cardboard Cutout
  • Jericho
  • TeslaCarter [A2]
  • Seven_deadlies [A1]
  • HouseVeilfire [A1]
  • Jaecp
  • Bakerstu
  • Nikarus

List of people "on-board" (literally) [EU]

  • Thor
  • Greenhill
  • GoldenDracoa [A1]
  • Sagart [E]
  • Ugly-Green-Trog [A2]

Support offered by

  • Shiwonkhan [NA]
  • Lady Grace [AU]
  • Raziel [EU]
  • Dragor [EU]

5/21/2016 8:04:20 AM #1

I am very tempted.

It'll be a little while till people invent proper sea worthy boats, but by the time that comes around I'll probably be down for it.

5/21/2016 8:08:05 AM #2

I'm thinking we have everyone do NTCs with carpentry. We go hard to get rowboats or whatever the first non-raft reliable boat is. Everyone would need to get some fishing and definitely swimming then we set off in a swarm of rowboats with stockpiled food/water.

Of course it's hard to make plans now with pretty much 0 information about the systems that will exist, but when I say ASAP I mean ASAP. It would be an alt suicide mission for a reason.

5/21/2016 8:16:17 AM #3

Wait, who's recruiting? If it's BW we're screwed. Although we can play along for now, and use him as shark bait when we're out on the ocean.

I'm in.

5/21/2016 8:17:36 AM #4

Obviously a very tempting offer, but I think it is more of a massive voyage than some cool little trip. We have no idea how massive the ocean will be, there needs to be a ton of research and skills developed such as boats, navigation, carpentry, cooks to come aboard, food stores to last the unpredictable voyage, maybe need tailors to fix sails, etc.

To me, this could be like humans trying to put a man on the moon. It requires a ton of planning, preparation, and skill to pull it off I am sure. No one wants to be the first to die trying to find the end of the world due to starvation or a sinking ship.

Aspiring Lumberjack, NA-W

5/21/2016 8:20:59 AM #5

That's why I'm starting now. We get a thread with hundreds of names. Then in say 8 months when we get the ocean travel DJ we can start planning the voyage, do testing during alpha/beta, and finally when exposition hits we will have an army of alts with boats to set out in search of whatever.

Wait, who's recruiting? If it's BW we're screwed. Although we can play along for now, and use him as shark bait when we're out on the ocean.

It's just a general thing right now. No one has any solid plans we don't know how ocean travel will work or what will be required. I'm just making a general place for anyone who is interested to put their name so when the time comes to organize it we have a list.

5/21/2016 8:28:01 AM #6

The Polynesians settled thousands of miles from their homes long before sails and ships on simple raft-like boats. I will definitely make an alt for this. Count me in.

5/21/2016 8:29:05 AM #7

Very tempted but pledged as a count so unlikely I'd be able to join you cause responsibilities....

I guess if I found someone with a female char and married them i could leave them in charge. but that sounds like effort.

Friend code: A667D0

5/21/2016 8:31:43 AM #8

I'm thinking (at least for me) this will be people using an alt. Every account starts with 3 soul slots. As a count you're going to have a few extra sparks and you can have one soul be your count and another for the suicide mission.

5/21/2016 9:21:32 AM #9

Count me in! We will be more famous than Columbus himself!


5/21/2016 10:46:27 AM #10

This is so crazy that I have to sign up. I have enough sparks for an alt.

Put me down.

5/21/2016 12:49:14 PM #11

It's only a spark.

Link to my story

5/21/2016 1:01:18 PM #12

I refuse to believe that there is absolutely no sailing technology initially; there has to be coastal shipping and traders, fishing boats/fleets, coastal raiders/pirates etc. just based on the technological level already announced.

For thousands of years humans explored, traded, warred etc. at sea without advanced ship building technologies, celestial or magnetic navigation etc.

It has to be possible do what you are proposing.

5/21/2016 1:03:49 PM #13

From what has been said by a specific dev it will take 3+ months to research actual ships. This same dev has said some other things which have been directly contested by another dev so I'm not 100% sure what can be taken as fact...

Either way I'm sure we can get decent rowboats fairly quickly.

5/21/2016 1:06:26 PM #14

Okay so I do have a "spare" guys have a discord or somewhere to start discussing this?

5/21/2016 1:09:16 PM #15

At this point we know next to nothing about ocean travel and other systems that will be required to maintain it so I'm just doing a list of names for now until there's a point at which we actually have some information and can start discussing something other than "we want to do it".