3 month head start?!?!?

I bought the $25 tier and got the 35 dollar add on since i want the IP tier 3 stuff. if land can be stolen in game and i wont be playing for 3 months after the game has started then does that mean by the time i get into the game my land may actually be gone?!?!

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Your land will be where ever you want it. There will be plenty of land so there is no need to worry about it.

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The world is 245km by 245km. Even if all the players managed to keep their land and NEVER sell any of it, there is plenty to go around.

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I think there will be plenty of land, and since it's not yet "owned" it can't be "stolen". So you'll have your pick of spots after you get in, based on what is available.

But I don't believe anything can be stolen from you before you have it :)

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The world they said will be roughly the size of the US. They said it would take days in RL to travel across the world.

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Also, if you build a house on land you don't own and manage to stay their for a month, it's your house.


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If you're not in the 3-month early access bracket, I'd expect you'll be given the option to choose your plot when starting at the normal launch date.

The plot selection for early access if for early access players, and will be down to the king first, then any counts, dukes, barons then the lower tier nobles.

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To put this in context, Skyrim is 39x39km.

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That's a pretty incredible thought. That's worth a few thousand extra backers if we could just get that information out.


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Wait, where have they said that the world is 245km^2? I just read all of the developer blog posts and they haven't made mention of it.

Also Derethas, Skyrim is 5.1km on the east to west side, 3.2km north to south, and the longest possible one can travel in a straight line is northeast to southwest at 5.5km. It's nowhere even close to 39km.

I remember in one of the blogs they said that in order to travel some distances it would quite literally take you days to get where you need to go, and given that I can travel the span of Skyrim fairly fast it doesn't seem too farfetched what they claim will be true.

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The planned size of a single continent is 256km x 128km. Not nearly the size of the US in terms of actual geography, however when you take into account the rate at which time passes it scales to about the same size as the US.

As an example, it takes 1/2 a year in-game to traverse the continent, it takes the same time for someone to traverse the US.

In terms of actual land, it's almost exactly the size of Taiwan and larger than over 50 different sovereign nations.

5/8/2016 6:10:57 PM #12

That area is significantly larger than Taiwan.

Taiwan has a surface area of about 13,974 square miles. Assuming I did the conversion correctly that would make it about 22,489km squared. However, 256km x 128km is actually 32,768km squared.

None of that really matters. What's important is we won't be running out of land any time soon. Frankly, I'd be surprised if it becomes an issue within the first few years of launch.

5/8/2016 6:13:35 PM #13

Yah the state of MO is bigger 245km by 245km. I have rode the Katy trail on my bike and its almost 300 miles one way not kilometers!

5/8/2016 6:25:56 PM #14

Holy cow. By comparison, Daggerfall's map is 161,600 km^2. And Daggerfall is absolutely enormous.

Edit: I did some further research and keep getting different answers on the size. Regardless, it's huge.

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5/8/2016 6:46:02 PM #15

The map in short is huge. There is more than sufficient space for all. That said, I would expect there to be many clusters of players post launch, and a large number of solitary towns too. Each may have their own focus, but will all shape the kingdom and it's future. Right from the moment you begin, from a king to a peasant, your choices will begin to shape your fate. Then there are the higher powers. Fate may have much in store for you, and at a moment you least expect it, your destiny may begin to unfold.