Do we actually know how one can join a settlement?


I see a lot of talk about people inviting others to join their settlement Hamlet/village/town/city, but I have not seen anything about how that actually works once the game is live or during expo?

So, how does that work actually?

Q1: Let say, you have a hamlet and your friend wants to be in your hamlet. Do they login to their account then find your hamlet on the map, select it, and click join?

Q2: Once you login and appear in a particular hamlet – from that point on, would that hamlet be the only place you can log into? Meaning, can you log out and pick another hamlet or village or town in another kingdom to login to and appear in there? Or after the first login, will be only based on travel and making your way through to another settlement?

Q3: Is there a code that you as the owner of the settlement have to give people in order for them to be able to log and appear in your hamlet or town...? Or anyone can just pick your Hamlet as their first place of making appearance in the game?

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Q1,Q2,Q3 - Answer - functionality does not exist

They are probably speaking of joining that settlements discord if it has one. And in the future living/joining that settlement in game.

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When people say join I think they're talking about settling in a particular location. They would still need to find a suitable NPC to spark into at character creation, and if the character's not already at that location then the PC would have to move them there, buy/rent a house, setup a shop etc.

What's not entirely clear yet is when exactly this can happen, because there are several "playable" phases prior to launch and if you are a domain holder, it seems pertinent to know where you actually reside physically for Exposition.

I'm sure they haven't worked out all the details yet and I'm sure we'll know more when they do.

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I recommend to read this article on the wiki. It explains what Settlements are about

During the Kindoms of Elyria phase, (alpha 1 and 2) players can already influence the settlements in the game and make permanent contributions. During Exposition this can even be brought further using EP and Villager & Settlement tokens. The above 2 phases are intended to "shape" the world of Elyria before the go live. You more or less play your "ancestors" for the character that you would be playing when the game will release.

The tokens can be handed over to your Mayor (during Exposition) who can spend it on a various things like extra parcels of land for the settlement, more fame and renown for the settlement or more resources (for example for low sustainable settlements) See also this post on how the tokens will work: Tokens post

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A1: For a new character, after launch, sparking into an NPC in the settlement will probably be the easiest way to join it. We don't yet know how character creation will work in detail with respect to choosing a geographic location to spark. An already existing character would have to travel to the settlement in order to join it. I don't imagine there would be any particular obstacle preventing one from settling there if a friend is the mayor.

A2: Once a character is created, it can only be logged in at the place where it logged out, or very nearby if it was dead when it was logged out. This does not prevent a player from logging in another character in a different place.

A3: Mayors, elders, and such do not currently (i.e., in the current plans) have the power to restrict character sparking in their settlements. Every family head, on the other hand, does control the character codes for their family, so that no one can spark into the family without the head's permission. That being said, the larger the settlement, the more likely it is to have available NPC slots for sparking, while the smaller the settlement, the easier it will be for a mayor or elder to somehow gain control over all the available NPC slots.

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Posted By Poldano at 07:02 AM - Tue Mar 24 2020

A2: Once a character is created, it can only be logged in at the place where it logged out, or very nearby if it was dead when it was logged out. This does not prevent a player from logging in another character in a different place.

Unless the player has an offline character script running which has their character doing things and moving around in the world in which case you'll log back in wherever you character is and not where you logged out.