Unable to access SoE

Hello, I recently heard(about five minutes ago) that SoE was running again. I hovered over 'Community' and clicked 'Domains', and it seemed to be loading but then redirected to the homepage. I have tried multiple ways to access SoE but they all redirect to the homepage. Should I be looking for a different link or has it been delayed again?

Signed, Mapkeeper

3/12/2020 9:37:56 PM #1

It has currently been delayed. Once it is back online the link will work. They’re expecting approximately 4 pm PDT

3/12/2020 9:38:26 PM #2

Hey Map the event has been delayed for two more hours all updates can be found on this forum post here.

* Click on the link below to go to the forum post.*

Settlers of Elyria Returns!

3/12/2020 9:39:20 PM #3

Edit ^^ what those two said, lmao

3/13/2020 9:05:58 AM #4

I realised what they meant, I'm in a different time zone so times are different for me. It's working now anyway so everything's fine.

Signed, Mapkeeper