Minor, but...login bug?

I use Safari and my passwords are stored for different websites. When I click on the key icon and select a shortcut option it automatically fills in my email address and password, but the boxes for the email and password turn yellow and when I click 'Login' it does nothing. I notice the web address contains a '/#' after this happens. When I then enter it manually directly afterwards, most of the time it works, but one time it still didn't work and refused to after filling the boxes again, reloading the page etc. I had to close the website and open it again for it to work.

This problem does not occur if you manually fill in the boxes on the login window the first time, but it occurred when I used a shortcut and then filled the boxes manually. I know this is minor, but is this a login bug?

Signed, Mapkeeper

2/15/2020 8:13:29 PM #1

I get this a lot as well. I notice it happens if I click LOGIN quickly. I usually have to give it like 20 seconds and then press it and it works.

2/15/2020 9:28:57 PM #2

If you add a space and delete it you can log in. This has been a known bug for a while now but I’m not sure it’s a bug on sbs side I think it’s more auto fill password add ons

2/15/2020 11:22:37 PM #3

It indeed appears to be a bug related to password managers (browser or 3rd party) as I too use one and have experienced this issue myself.

The suggestion that Violet gave does seem to work or logging in multiple times also fixes it for me.

Thanks for reporting it!

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