A 10-Year Story Satire

Since there were few topics and discussions popping up regarding the future of some selene kingdoms, I got inspired to write short satire of what we can expect happening on selene during the 10-year story based around those speculations (credit to Conquistador).

I hope you enjoy reading it and Happy New year to everyone :)

Year 1

Demalion is gathering forces and sending them down south for an invasion of Tryggr. Since it takes time for hrothi to arrive on frontlines, nerans play squash while brudvir keep kidnaping kypiqs from nearby ironwood forests.

Arkadia in Nirath tries to convince NPC population to join main Kingdom. Gaius burns all legendary taverns he can find.

Tryggr sends kypiqs to brudvir in order bribe them into going against Demalion, but there seems to be miscommunication as brudvir think they are doing the capture.

Usifan makes a public statement how every life is valuable and prohibits killing of flowers.

Year 2

Demalion is still waiting for hrothi to reach frontlines, nerans throw tea parties while brudvir start to run out of kypiq to eat.

Tryggr gets annoyed at brudvir and decides to bribe Al’Khezam instead.

Al’Khezam doesn’t accept kypiq as some currency, Usifan is disgusted and closes borders.

Arkadia still tries to persuade Nirath to merge, Gaius gets addicted to burning legendary taverns and switches to burning any taverns.

Year 3

Demalion finds out that hrothi just finished gathering their supplies and only now moving out. Brudvir begin to starve in their cities as there are no more kypiq to eat.

Arkadia finally reaches the agreement and merges Nirath with Arkadia by killing off every NPC in Nirath.

Al’Khezam boasts their trade fleet has reached 500 ships, despite all of them sitting in a harbor since nobody wants or able to trade with them.

Eresh realizing he is now part of Arkadia, seeks independence and asylum in Tryggr.

Year 4

Brudvir try nerans for a taste, meat feels too plain, so they demand supplies from nerans, nerans say they can’t share their biscuits, brudvir start doing secret raids, tensions grow.

Arkadia sees defection of eresh as treason and use this as an excuse to declare war on Tryggr.

Tryggr pulls their forces from north to defend the south

Usifan says: “I just hope both teams have fun”

Year 5

Brudvir raiding become apparent, a civil war emerges between nerans and brudvir.

Since burning of taverns, people in Arkadia become disoriented as no-one can give directions. Arkadia mistakes Al’Khezam lands for Tryggrs, invades Al’Khezam instead.

Usifan says: “Wait, that’s illegal”

Tryggr use this opportunity to help eresh merge with tryggr and reinforce his position in south.

Year 6

Arkadia conquers half of Al’Khezam before realizing they are in the wrong kingdom.

Usifan questions his decision of exchanging all weapons in his kingdom for quills few years ago.

Hrothi finally reach frontline, but being completely out of loop, don’t receive the news of civil war going on, assume invasion of tryggr is still ongoing and invade tryggr on their own.

Experiencing sudden invasion and no thread from Arkadia, Tryggr sends all their forces to the north again.

Year 7

In Demalion, Nerans suffer heavy loses and have all their fields and livestock burned and slaughtered by Brudvir. Brudvir realizing they made a mistake since that’s what they were fighting for all along. Both parties decide to call ceasefire. Brudvir retreat back to tundra and stop all communications,

Sometime during war, Gaius receives the message that someone is rebuilding the legendary tavern in tropics, which forces him to leave the frontlines.

Due to that Al’Khezam manages to hold off Arkadia. Usifan offers peace and directions to Tryggr. Raziel agrees and sends his troops into south of tryggr.

Tryggr realizes hrothi have yet to even cross the border, see that Arkadia is invading them, send their forces back south.

Year 8

Gaius returns from detour, still not knowing directions to Tryggr, conquers rest of Al’Khezam.

Raziel being content with conquering of Al’Khezam for now and backs off from Tryggr.

Hrothi finally cross the border and start attacking Tryggr, Nerans in Demalion having nothing left starve to death.

Tryggr tired of all this shit fortifies themselves in the middle and block all communications.

Usifan is confused as why the friendship hasn’t won.

Year 9

Because of all the burning taverns, nobody ever tried to put fires out, as a result most of Arkadia is burning and fires quickly spread throughout the continent.

Both Brudvir and Tryggr remain silent and no activity can be seen. Hrothi get tired of walking, decide to rest.

Year 10

Tryggr packs up all their people and leave the continent on ships in hopes to find a new home before fires reach them.

As fires spread, hrothi, still being stuck in Tryggr are unable to outrun them.

Brudvir, who were also building ships all this time pack everything they have and sail off.

Tryggr fleet and Brudvir fleet meet each other on the seas and both go down in epic naval combat.

Vaizer finally comes online.

12/31/2019 2:41:00 PM #1


how dare he, Hrothi without taverns are doomed to death.

Count A. Greyforge; All hail Lady Firesmith best Hrothi EU West

12/31/2019 2:42:48 PM #2


Demalion Empire

12/31/2019 2:44:24 PM #3

Not enough zultra - 2/10

12/31/2019 2:53:19 PM #4

Hehe, actually made me chuckle :D

12/31/2019 3:22:36 PM #5

I love it, well done.

12/31/2019 3:29:29 PM #6

You made my day :D

12/31/2019 3:44:32 PM #7

I love this!

I dare to remain.

12/31/2019 3:52:21 PM #8

Brilliant !

12/31/2019 3:57:39 PM #9

Lol Abs! Just Brilliant! xD

12/31/2019 4:11:27 PM #10


Awesome story, so with Demalion & Trygrr destined to become fish food & bush fires raging through Selene and the tropics slowly becoming and expansion of the S/A desert, The next 10 year story is looking to be very exciting !!

Looking forward to it 👍

12/31/2019 5:11:30 PM #11

Next 10 years: Vaizer wanders Selene alone trying to survive mutated, giant Kypiqs with his ottabear.

Count A. Greyforge; All hail Lady Firesmith best Hrothi EU West

12/31/2019 9:49:52 PM #12

everybody fail to know who is Gaïs , isnt a mad man .... its a Legendary cooker !

He found a rare and uncomon cooking receip saying to cook the Kypic in legendary tavern burning add a taste of smoking !

and after you have to harvest de cinder , brass it with butter , and apply all that on a french baguette , to claim the BEST of this exeptional food !

12/31/2019 10:13:34 PM #13

You forgot to mention the great songbird plague and the resulting continent wide famine, after the yellow feathery clouds of doom picked all seeds from every field.

Oh. And wait a moment. We’re not that slow. But there’s a reason we need to take it to the skies, I suppose.

1/1/2020 1:27:26 AM #14

Selene is in for a....interesting future :)

1/1/2020 5:23:55 AM #15

very well written :)