Settlement upgrade issue from mayor to countess

Settlement upgrade issues from Mayor to Countess


Was told the village/hamlet would auto upgrade to a town when purchasing the county it is in, while asking in the discord.

Problems with the village when upgrading to owning the county.

Parcel count max number has dropped slightly.

Population was max 63, dropped max to 48.

Sustainability was max bars, dropped to 2 bars.

Am now Mayor of a Town label that is the size of a village. It does have the needed structures, but what happened to the Sustainability, parcels, and population? Why were those not upped as well?

Reproduction Steps

  • I am unable to purchase additional settlements and counties - 1) purchase an existing settlement, smaller than town. 2) purchase the county the settlement is in.

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This sounds like the exact thing that happened to players merging titles where there were sustainability issues. Turning a hamlet into a town doesnt mean it will support a larger population and produce more food, its extremely circumstantial.

I feel like this isnt a bug, but more of a side effect. Could be wrong though :shrug:

3/24/2020 12:32:08 PM #3

I had this happen to me. I purchased a village (which had the industrial focus I wanted) and then the county, upgrading said village to a town. A town hall got built automatically, and it appears that more population got added, but I don't think the parcels increased in proportion; I can't tell exactly of course, because I didn't write down the specific numbers first.

What I can say is the village had maximum sustainability (one of several reasons I liked it) before the upgrade, and minimum sustainability afterwards. That greatly concerns me, as I had no idea this would occur - there was very little info available to base my expectations off of. I guess my assumption was that this would be "fair" - the settlement would bump up in size as if it had naturally grown, adding some more population and land in roughly equivalent proportions. If not, I feel there should have been some warning, especially since I spent real money to do this. Perhaps its a bug?

I'm hoping for some official comment on this, if possible. Thanks!

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