Settlement Grankvist

Village of Grankvist


Hello everyone, I'm Mayor Whitelake of the delving village "Grankvist". I have a big passion for starting projects and discussing ideas, which is why i'm hoping to start a community of inventors, pioneers and just people with goals big or small in general. I'm currently studying at the university level, so i will be back from 90% to 100% in a few years.


Grankvist will at first focus on setting up its guilds, market, and arena. As I meantioned earlier Grankvist is a project and hopefully, it will blossom into a beautiful city of progress.


Currently the guilds The Waoder (Alchemy and Brewery) and Vanaheim Construction Company (Construction and architecture) residing within its borders, and we'll be happy to welcome new guilds to our community.


Grankvist will be the home of The Market in the Trees, which aims to create a safe center for trading speciality goods, exclusive tier items and neutrality.


There will also be hosted war-games, gladiator fights and other events in Snehaven the arena of Grankvist, where you can make a name for yourself and gain glory and fame in tournaments, fights to the death, and auctions, where you will be able to showcase your finest creations and sell to the highest bidders.


Grankvist is located in:

We already have a population of Hrothi, Brudvir, Kypiq and The Waerd and will migrate wanted races up to the area, personally i wish to play neran, so that's already one race we will import.

If any of this sounds interesting to you, feel free to reach out on discord (link on the discord logo further down). I don't bite and I'm looking forward to meeting and talking to everyone, who wants to hear more or add more.

big and small every voice is equal through how they honor their name and word