The Domains of Stormlaw


Kingdom: Al’khezam // Duchy: Iyandolin

Before the lush grasslands of Greenhorn was claimed by the Zabi Demesne under the leadership of Hari Seldon Zabi and Greenhorn was renamed to Iyandolin, a collective of counts settled in the eastern half of the duchy formed what is known as the Domains of Stormlaw. Initially a confederation with the purpose of stabilising a region without a proper duke, and to further cooperation and prosperity in the region. With the arrival of the Zabi duke and his laissez faire policies, the confederation was transformed to a faction within the duchy, but with many of the same ambitions.

Map of Stormlaw


The purpose of Stormlaw is to encourage cooperation on all levels between the members, be it commercial, educational, political, issues of infractucture or militarily.


The core of Stormlaw is situated around the eastern part of Iyandolin duchy in Al’khezam. However, any mayor, baron or count agreeing to the terms of Stormlaw, and is accepted unanimously by the current members, may become part of Stormlaw.


All counts, and mayors and barons of NPC counties, are given a seat in the Thunargemot. The Thunargemot may discuss topics of common interest, and make decisions impacting all members by a two thirds majority.

The Thunargemot is lead by the Earl who’s elected among its members.

The Domains of Stormlaw

Ensign of Stormlaw

House Storm

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proud to be part of this strong alliance

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Dietrich has finally gotten his county name approved: Palava.

Rejoice :D

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