Announcing the Settlers of Elyria Event!

The next exciting chapter in the Chronicles of Elyria begins tomorrow with the Settlers of Elyria Event!

From 12 PM PST, December 18th to 12 PM PST, February 1st new and existing players will have a limited-time opportunity to change the history of Elyria forever by staking a claim on one of our four starting continents!

While the event lasts, every unclaimed Duchy, County, and Settlement will be on Dutch Auction, meaning the price will be dropping 1% every single day until the event ends! That’s not all - Flash Sales will be hitting every day throughout the event with featured domains going on sale every 20 minutes! Featured Domains will be an additional 10% off their regular price!

These deals won’t last, so don’t miss out on this chance to stake your claim and join our growing community!

You can read the full official blog post here!

12/18/2019 2:17:27 AM #1


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12/18/2019 2:35:34 AM #2

Welcome to New players

12/18/2019 4:53:44 AM #3

Another sale event.. hooray! yay! much wow!

And here I was hoping that maybe alpha is starting.

It's dead, Jim.

12/18/2019 6:11:25 AM #4

More sale in a game that have so many years on its back with nothing to play. Great.

12/18/2019 6:41:13 AM #5

While money will be raised by SoE, it's more about not letting available domains and settlements "go to waste" on NPC's, while also attracting new people to the community and giving them the opportunity to gain titles that they may have missed by not being aware of the game sooner.

12/18/2019 7:23:58 AM #6

Every time I see an update for this project it's about asking for more money. Didn't we pledge a massive amount of money in the KS? Weren't we supposed to get to play this thing years ago? I don't understand. Is there an update somewhere someone can point me to that has the developers explaining where all of the money went and why we haven't gotten our hands on ANYTHING other than words on screens.

12/18/2019 8:24:04 AM #7

It’s hardly any money for a game in development. Costs money and time. And there is no investor currently. Simply crowdfunded.

12/18/2019 11:24:06 AM #8

Three more months to prepare my network for bookshops and newspapers all over Elyria on EU-Server.

House Pyrros

12/18/2019 11:26:02 AM #9

Whose ready for some SoE drama

12/18/2019 12:13:59 PM #10

A game of this magnitude has to take time, it's a ground-breaking game in concept terms and uniqueness. My biggest concern isn't the length of time it's taking to develop and roll out but that it actually happens. We all have invested money into this as future players and I can't help but think every time I spend money to invest in this venture I think about it going belly-up like other games in development have in the Everquest Next... then we are all s... out of luck. So for me, take the time you need to build this properly (which I hope / believe you are).

12/18/2019 12:28:55 PM #11

More money? How about delivering the game within the budget set through Kickstarter? Vapourware.

If you do great things, finish them. Then fade.

12/18/2019 12:49:43 PM #12

Posted By VioletWinterlynn at 03:24 AM - Wed Dec 18 2019

It’s hardly any money for a game in development. Costs money and time. And there is no investor currently. Simply crowdfunded.

I mean, except for when they said they already had enough money...sure.


12/18/2019 12:51:12 PM #13

Uhh...who is AshKain?


12/18/2019 1:01:52 PM #14

How's my character supposed to buy land if I don't have any way to play and generate income?

12/18/2019 1:13:00 PM #15

Posted By HuldricFranconian at 1:51 PM - Wed Dec 18 2019

Uhh...who is AshKain?


AshKain is one of the new hires, he is a producer. (He was the Sr. Producer of Camelot Unchained)