[NA-E, Bordweall, Shade, Eindach ] Order of Shade

The Order of Shade

  • NA East Server
  • Kingdom of Bordweall
  • Duchy of Tenebrae
  • County of Shade (the County of Shade is a combination of 8 counties)
  • Barony of Shadeburg

The Order of Vor is a chivalric order of mounted knights, in service to Bannerhouse Vorinsthar, and Lord Pierrot, the Duke of Tenebrae.


Hello, my name is Count Nizari of Eindach, leader of The Order of Shade.

Only the most honorable and worthy of men are able to join the order. These men must be proficient in combat, survival, and horse riding skills. The Order of Shade is the combat division of Bannerhouse Vorinsthar, a division that will serve as the face of the bannerhouse. These men bravely charge into the fray of battle and know no fear. A adequately trained unit working in unison has the power to change the tides of war that is why the orders focus in on cavalry.

The Order of Shade is recruiting only the most dedicated of people, we look for quality, not quantity. Not just your everyday foot soldier the men recruited into the order are granted homes and land in the County of Eindach. Not everyone will be accepted into this order, you must prove your devotion to the people, your training, and your Duchy.

The Order of Shade will hold training events weekly where you will be taught new skills and expected to hone your already acquired ones. The Order will fight alongside other military formations of the Duchy of Tenebrae.

(Post here if you want to be a knight, we'll speak about it in discord, and will add you to a list of people who will be given land for service. If your service is guaranteed, then your land is guaranteed, the land receives reduced or no taxation, being a levied holding instead.)


  • You must maintain your fighting capabilities and your equipment.
  • You must spend a portion of your time at Castle Shadeburg training, teaching, producing or contributing in some way to the Barony of Shadeburg.
  • Frequently produce levies/new recruits for the army, NPC or PC.
  • Follow and stay loyal to The Order, Bannerhouse Vorinsthar, House Pierrot, and the Kingdom.

Ending Statements:

If I have convinced you or at least piqued your interest here is the discord link to the Duchy of Tenebrae as well as Bannerhouse Vorinsthar! Please feel free to contact me through one of these discord servers!

Order of Shade Discord

Dutchy of Tenebrae Discord

Bannerhouse Vorinsthar Discord