Fortress of Vargland [EU]

Fortress of Vargland

“You are in Vargland, you poor wretch. Stumbled blindly into the land of wolves. Home to the Clan Norseblood and the Wolves of Carnage mercenary order. I pity you, who comes here to prey upon our people, only to find yourselves as the subject of our hunt. But I mean we do not mind, in fact, I was in need of some mild exercise.”

~ Captain Viðar of Clan Norsebloods to some very unlucky bandits.


Vargland is the main base of operations for [The Wolves of Carnage](link to post for WoC) and Clan Norsebloods ancestral home. Ruling over both the Wolves of Carnage and Clan Norseblood from Vargland is, Vaulgrm Norseblood. The fortress is situated by the river running through Broadharvest County, and is surrounded by hills and forest. The fortress holds the high ground, and by guarding the great river, it serves as the gateway to the rest of Tryggr. It is central to the county of Broadharvest, and it's main military settlement. It will come to no surprise that according to the information provided by SbS the professions that are currently most common in Vargland are; soldier, merchant, fishermann and woodworker.

The main tribes that live in Vargland now are the Neran and the Waerd, they will be joined by Brudvir as soon as possible. Migration will start as early as Kingdoms of Elyria. All tribes however are welcome in Vargland, as each has useful skills in battle.

As the main military settlement we expect there will be a steep rise in Soldiers of all stripes in Vargland come launch as players settle there.


Vargland is proudly part of the Duchy of Turadh in the Kingdom of Tryggr on the Selene Server. Tryggr in CoE terms is a pvp focused kingdom where everyone is obliged to learn how to defend themselves. Elyria will be a dangerous world, not just due to other players, so we expect you to be able to wield a weapon of your choosing to defend yourself. You only have what you can hold.

Tryggr is more than a kingdom, we are a community that loves to have fun together, on and offline. If you want to learn more about the Kingdom of Tryggr check out the website, Forum post and discord

Tryggr will be kingdom three on the starting continent of our server. Meaning we will be bordered by Demalion to the north, Al-Khezam in the south-east. Our home duchy, the duchy of Turadh lies on the west coast of the continent in Neran mixed leaf forest.


The Wolves of Carnage.

It’s worth noting that Vargland is home to the viking styled mercenary order “Wolves of Carnage.” So named for the big wolves that accompany their infantry. Clan Norseblood leads this mercenary order by right of blood. It spans farther then just Vargland, into other counties and settlements. To find out more about the Wolves of Carnage as an organisation, please click [here](link to WoC post).

Clan Norseblood.

Beyond offering a home to the Wolves of Carnage, Vargland is Clan Norsebloods ancestral home. Military wise we aim to be well rounded with a focus on melee infantry. That does not mean that ranged troops are any less important, after all one can not defend a keep without archers.

Vargland is the first fortress on the river that leads to Tryggrs capital, thus we are the gate, the first line of defense if enemies decide to sail up the river. For this reason we need strong fighters to hold the walls and gates if we are assaulted and skilled archers and javelin men to keep the enemy away from the walls and to deliver any invading navy to a watery grave. In addition to this we are the main fortress to patrol the county and keep it safe from bandits and other scum. So both light and heavy cavalry will be featured.

In addition to the duties that Clan soldiers must do, they will have a wide range of mercenary contracts through The Wolves of Carnage they can sign up for. Such contracts may range from escorting merchants, or raiding. To fighting monsters and bandits, or participating in large scale battles in places beyond our borders.

Plenty of opportunity to hone a warriors skill. Just remember we are not in it for the coin, even though the coin is good. We are in it for the thrill of battle.


The wolves of Vargland, not to be confused with The Wolf of Vargland who is the ruler of Vargland and head of Clan Norseblood, are the beasts of war bred in our lands. To Norsebloods wolves are revered as the best and most loyal beasts of war. A wolf is part of your pack and thus unlikely to betray you. A more loyal friend then many a mann, surely. While these magnificent creatures are mostly bred for Clan Norsebloods use as companions to their soldiers, we do also sell some specimens to the highest bidder.

We plan for a breeding program, to breed larger more ferocious wolves, with more stamina, and if at any stage this become possible, rideable wolves.

Why join us?

By joining the Barony of Vargland you gain access to a larger community of warriors and breeders. You gain access to an established and well connected group of mercenaries within the kingdom of Tryggr. Are you perhaps not a warrior, soldier, ranger or breeder? That matters not, we need all sorts of people; blacksmiths, farmers, fishermenn, sailors, merchants and many more to keep the place running.

Oh what is this? You are a warrior, soldier, ranger, breeder or simply a mercenary to be? Well the job does have its perks. As we are mercenaries, and we battle for gold. The Clan will provide you with suitable contracts for your expertise, and see that you are paid according to skill.

We will also provide those who wish to join us with training and a chance to prove themselves. When hired (post-launch) you will be known as “Oath Bloods” (a novice member). If you prove yourself worthy, you may become a Norseblood (veteran and part of the House/Clan). Pay and status will rise accordingly, and we will also provide established members with suitable training to keep them on top of their game.

Those who wish to focus on ranged combat can count on traditional training from the Síðastr Jötunnøðr. Whose main locations are located in the neighbouring counties of Stone Glen and Dore. Those who wish to focus on Melee will be trained in house, but can also travel to County Ariamis, and the Barony of Terna that houses Tryggrs fighting school Mistilteinn.

Upon taking a contract the clan outfits and provisions you for your journey. In exchange for this 20% off your payment goes to the clan. However any item or coin you find while on your contract is yours (I think you know what this means, depending on the job). Consider it a bonus.

The clan will hire the weapon and armorsmiths in order to always have up to date equipment at the ready. Said equipment will be sold to members at a discount along with beasts of war and animal companions.

Come and meet us.

If you decide Clan Norseblood, and the Fortress of Vargland sound like everything your little mercenary heart desires, please come share some mead with us!

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