The Golden Cog

[NA-E] Solaris Confederation

Hello and welcome!

The Golden Cog is a new guild that encompasses the three main focuses of smithing I.E (Black, Bright and Martial). We are also fully dedicated Tinkerer's, The guild will be producing everyday utility tools, weapons, armor and crafting extravagant baubles! The Tinkerer's are here to make blueprints of ideas come to life to advance our technology for everyday use and put their minds to the test, creating efficient machines of war! No project is too small or too great for The Golden Cog Guild. Our main focus to advance technology for the betterment of everyday and military life.

We think together, we work together, we revel together!

Our Head Quarters is in the village of Jalencia in the county of Steilanhorte within the duchy of Acrium.


Kremson Terramere- Mayor of Jalencia

Founder of the Golden Cog!