Pre Alpha 11

I RECENTLY Made A Pledge Of 235 It Says I get Pre Alpha 11 Access how Do I do That


12/3/2019 10:57:20 PM #1

Alpha in any form has yet to be released. Once alpha 1 arrives and is completed then alpha 2 will begin once it is ready. That is when you can take part. Until then just keep up with the forums and wait for news.

12/3/2019 11:04:55 PM #2

We are currently in pre-alpha, with an unknown release date. There is no official date or timeline for any release of Alpha 1, 2 or any other releases following that.

My suggestion is to watch the new Shiny's on youtube to see the current progress of the game (Spoiler, the graphics are not going to be like that at launch, they are greyboxing).

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12/3/2019 11:58:01 PM #3

OP misread the text of what he bought, most likely was Alpha 2 access as they no longer sell anything earlier from what others have shared here.

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12/9/2019 9:52:19 PM #4

Alpha II is "Alpha 2" in roman numerals and (as others have stated) has not been released as of yet. Thread locked as the question has been answered :-)