Jubilee (Free Mann)


Home of the Legendary Free Mann Tavern!

The town of Jubilee lives up to it's name and more! Born of a simple hunting settlement, the combination of it's location along a major trade route as well as the "Pilgrims' Path", with the renown of the Free Mann, it was destined to grow into the full service resort it is. Here we strive to provide an experience to satisfy all, from our famously raucous variation of The Flower Festival to our fine dining and unparalleled selection of fine liquors and quality brews, to the excitement of the gambling house or the Arena and its variety of jousting/gladiatorial events, theatrical presentations and rotating attractions, all of one's vices can be sated. Do you prefer a bit of solace away from your daily? We can provide that as well, in one of our luxury cottages along the river, complete with personal chef and servant.

Sounds like another Noblemann's only club? Don't despair! Jubilee has not forgotten it's roots. Just because we cater to those with deep pockets doesn't mean there is no room for us everyday folk! We have ample accommodation for those of all means, and we continue to welcome the pilgrim's and offer them respite on their journey to Renewal.


Behind the stables, down deep back alleys, through secret tunnels beneath the well, the evil ones creep and scurry in search of new prey ...

SIGH ... yes, there are tales of foul deeds and despicable organizations finding deep root here in Jubilee, born of angry rumors spread by those who overindulged and found themselves caught in compromising situations no doubt. Of course we have crime, like any other place of prosperity, there will be drawn those with the desire to take advantage. I dare say, you will find far less of that here than most places twice our size or more. Our citizens live safely, happily, and strive to see to it that our guests enjoy that same right. It doesn't hurt that we are located in the Duchy of Munzo, one half of The Zabi Demense, Kingdom of Al'Khezam.

Yes, some people of renown are seen frequently, but that just speaks to the popularity and security of our town that they feel safe to walk our streets, and the fact that they return often yet we have no increase in crime speaks to the fact they know better than to do anything but relax.

Dark Guilds ... ohhahahah!


The Free Mann Tavern

So much to say about the Free Mann, but that will be for another post! I will not have time to run the daily operations of the tavern along with my Mayoral duties and all of the other things to do here! I will need enthusiastic people looking to make their own legends alongside me. Would you like to run a tavern like this? Maybe gaming and chance would suit you better. Do you dream of putting on plays and performances that draw the people from all corners of the continent? So many dreams to be made here in Jubilee, will one of them be yours? Look for updates to this post and a separate post for The Free Mann sometime in the future!

Cheers for now!

thanks you to my friend for helping the writing