Family History of the Abruzzi family

The house of Abruzzi is a old family of Bannermen who have been loyal to the Baxton family for generations. Serving in many roles such as soldiers, Guards, and Body Guards for the Counts family. The house of Abruzzi share dark features that make them unique to their northern neran counterparts such as Black hair and tan skin but oddly enough Blue eyes for the most part. Much of the family's early history is lost to time due to the collapse of the Empire of Xeilias. The bits and pieces of their history that could be gathered suggest that the house of Abruzzi was once a noble house somewhere in the south in the Empire of Xeilias serving as legionaries for the empire. But after the collapse the family lost their lands and titles and begin to travel north to escape persecutions in the south by the new kingdoms who shared a deep hatred for Xeilias noble family's. After years of travelling aimlessly in the north a Ancestor of the Abruzzi family come across a young nobleman being attack by Highwaymen. Springing into action The Abruzzi ancestor joined the fight and defended the young nobleman life killing 3 of the bandits single handed. After the fighting was over the young nobleman approached the Abruzzi ancestor and thanked him for his help and remarked that the fighting style he had just witness was very similar to Xeilias legionaries fighting style and asked if he was a exile from the destroyed empire. To which the Abruzzi replied yes and explained his family story to the young nobleman. After which the young nobleman deep in thought suddenly explained that he was from a noble family in the kingdom of Vornair in the duchy of Aldraska called Baxton and offered to take the Abruzzi ancestor into his services as a soldier for the counts family. Ever since then the House of Abruzzi has served loyally the Noble family of Baxton. Currently the head of the Abruzzi family serves as a Captain in the Counts army and is also the garrison commander in the Keep of Karrah Mora.