I don't have the grand villa anymore.

After all these items that's been added to my inventory from both the kickstarterversary and other things. It seems that I've lost the grand villa, it's now just a furnished manor. What happened to my grand villa?

11/18/2019 4:27:53 AM #1

Might be better to email support as we can't see your account details via this post if you want a quicker response ~

11/29/2019 1:20:59 PM #2

I have contacted plenty of times but they only ever say "we will look into it" and nothing from there on. I have a grandvilla and a furnished manor both

11/29/2019 1:30:30 PM #3

Isn't the furnished manor better than the grand villa? Might be that something you did upgraded it at some point.

11/29/2019 1:35:50 PM #4

Posted By Khazad at 05:30 AM - Fri Nov 29 2019

Isn't the furnished manor better than the grand villa? Might be that something you did upgraded it at some point.

No, it goes villa, manor, grand villa (for some odd reason xD )

12/6/2019 12:30:17 AM #5

They said the same thing to me azmodeth, it's disheartening that it seems like they won't do anything about it.

12/6/2019 1:14:36 PM #6

From what I have gathered, SbS tends to work through account fixes in batches. You'll occasionally see a notification that they are working on account fixes within the CoE discord. So just be patient and they'll get there.

Besides, there isn't currently a game out that makes these things matter yet.

12/6/2019 3:29:10 PM #7

I have/had the same/similar problems with several titles for over half a year now.

They closed the support ticket regarding my first bugged title without a fix even though I asked on updates on a (more or less) regular base. I got an email to rate the support - since nothing was fixed and the ticket was just closed I gave a negative rating and opened the ticket again - they (is it plural ? it seems always to be serp only) actually complained that I gave a negative rating.... The first title was fixed after several months (3-4 ?) after nonstop asking and lots of problems. I tried to save the ticket-conversation but it didn t work. Before I had the opportunity to save it using other methods the ticket with the negative rating was deleted by them.

My current support ticket regarding another title has been open for 3+ months now. My manor vanished when I bought new stuff. SbS said several times they would fix/work on it soon but nothing happened so far. After some time I got a message saying there was no villa (!!!) on the title to begin with when the problem was a missing manor (!!!)...( I explained the problem several times before). Not shortly after support suddenly stoped answering or giving updates (for 2-3 months now)

So I tried to talk about that topic when Caspian was online since I planned on upgrading the title before/during dss and didn`t want to get things even more messed up. On discord Serp as "friendly" support jumped in. Via pms I got the usual stuff like " we will look into it ect" but also "It doesn't make me feel right to offer Discord support to someone who consistently marks my ticket support as unsatisfactory. [...]" ( it was one ticket and for good reason, see above) or "The ticket wont EVER close until I move it to a closed status, which wont happen until it is resolved." (again- it happened. see above)

Current status is that they had more important tasks and will fix the bug later - meanwhile the support has been reviewing names.... I stopped asking since it seems to be pointless. Futhermore it seems like Serp has taken those issues personally. This week he used his admin-rights to delete a discord post of mine. I posted an emoji, nothing more - so not breaking any rules. When I asked what is going on I got "We don't discuss moderation [...] Your snake emoji did nothing to add to the conversation, was not constructive, so it was removed." while other people posted emojis only and nothing got deleted.

I have to say, I am getting tired of SbS-drama and expected more adult behaviour.

Ps.: I reported bugs before, including a way how to clone items, but stopped reporting new bugs via support tickets or at all. I asked several times other people (with the same bug) to open a ticket instead of me since I really have zero interest of this bs repeating itself

12/7/2019 7:05:59 PM #8

I'm still waiting for my missing 1EP which disspeared like 2 years ago or whenever it was.