[EU]Harrland Hold[Tryggr]

Welcome to the Fortress of Harrland Hold. Harrland is a Barony located in southern Rundaur Vale(Currently known Crosslands) in the Kingdom of Tryggr. The region around the fortress is made of shrublands and rocky mountains & hills to the south.

Over many generations the fortress has gone through many stages of upgrades to improve its fortifications and infrastructure making it the fortress that it is today. This is what now stands in the way and the first contact that of which an enemy will have to conquer/remove before pushing on further into the kingdom & dutchy. The fortress can act as a station from which the border can be monitored and report hostile troop movements as well as keeping an eye on trade passing through & along the border.

The castle itself is the pinnacle of medieval engineering at its best with a new unbreakable keep and several layers of defences which include devastating slaughter pits made to make any attacker think twice before pushing in all surrounded by a massive curtain wall and barbican which individually will be a task to break through on their own. The walls of which themselves are some of the tallest and strongest in the land accompanied by massive towers. The towers which are like mini keeps by themselves and so each section of the ramparts between are sectioned off making every inch of the fortress costly to an extreme level to breach. The infrastructure inside the castle is vast allowing for very much normality during a prolonged siege as the castle has massive storage halls which can hold massive amounts of supplies that defender which need right as the core of the castle itself. (from a mechanics side of things as players we can through hard work plan to keep the castle up to date on technology available and each and every member of this settlement can be proud to be part of it from Baron to farmer).

The fortress is located in Rhudaur Vale, as one of 12 Duchies within Tryggr will first and foremost set out to provide military support to the Kingdom honour-bound and loyal to the Duke, and by extension the Crown and Sovereign ruler of Tryggr. In addition to this providing a safe haven and operate an efficient local economy,

We are proudly part of the Kingdom of Tryggr on the Selene Server.

Tryggr in CoE terms is a pvp focused kingdom where everyone is obliged to learn how to defend themselves. That doesn’t mean we expect you all to march to war at the tip of a hat. That does mean we expect you to defend yourself and that which you wish to hold.

Tryggr is more than a kingdom, we are a community that loves to have fun together, on and offline.

If you want to learn more about the Kingdom of Tryggr check out the website, Forum post and discord

Baron Vaidean of Harrland Hold

Baron Vaidean is the head of house Vaidean and lord over Harrland Hold and carries on the traditions of the family that has been going for generations protecting the population from foreign or domestic issues. On the not military side Baron vaidean is part of a successful builders guild, designing many structures around the kingdom.

As a player I have played many an mmorpg games building up several years of experience doing several duties. This has given me the chance and the connections to lead the members of the settlement (and county once cb is complete) and as a player i prefer team play and will always strive to make it enjoyable for everyone.

Commander MacIrnn of Harrland Hold

Commander Kol MacIrnn is the head of the MacIrnn family and has been entrusted with the task of continuing the family duties and being given command of the forces that belong to the Vaidean family. Of which he is given the tasks of protecting and maintaining some comfort to the commoners of the land and to the travels of the road.

Myself as a player i have played many strategy and combat games over the years and have been a leader during most of my time while playing these games.This has given me a lot of time leading the lads during an event or multiplayer experience.

Harrland Union

The families of Vaidean and MacIrnn have been working and living together for hundreds of years with the loyal MacIrnn family serving the Barons and making sure the region is prosperous. These two family have stood side by side and together have never faulted in the face of danger and never will.

Harrland Council

Although Harrland Hold is not a democracy the barony has a council of advisors that help with day to day running of the area this allows the baron to make more educated decisions and helps make administration less centralised allowing for a better player experienc

We are accepting players of all professions, military and civil alike and along with this if you bring a profession to the area that we don't have equipment for we will make alterations to accommodate the new role weather is sourcing the tool or to securing land we will do so.

Examples of professions we are looking for but not limited to;

  • Soldiers (In multipliable forms eg: Archer, Swordsman etc)
  • Blacksmiths(Armor smiths, Swordsmiths etc)
  • Farmers/Foragers
  • Miners (stone or/and ore)
  • Craftsmen (Carpenters, masons, Architects)
  • Any profession combination you desire!

Strong defence is a necessity and we will make sure our county and dutchy is safe at all times. Working with our duchy on this matter. This is important as it is the duke that appoints the barons and helps with funding although as a settlement we aim for be as self sufficient as we can to lesson the cost to state.

The Following diagram will show the ranking structure of the barony,

All players in the settlement(and in county if CB is done), will given full military training. This means when banners are called every player participating knows how to work together as part of unit.

Our goal, within the possibilities of the COE engine, is to breed & train environmentally adaptable, occupationally versatile, all-terrain, steadfast, intelligent, loyal yet cautious animals that have evenly distributed strength & agility. Trained skill sets include survival, combat, & domestic-based skills relevant to the specific species & breed of the animal. Our mounts include trisons, ursaphants, otter-bears, various equine species/breeds, and any other trainable, rideable animals available in the game. In addition, other animals available include felines, ursines, canines, avians, & mustelids/mustelid-like animals such as leffits. Animals that are wild or semi-wild in breeding will require certain guidelines prior to purchase that will be listed in the sale document and must be met before purchase. Finally, all animals will be bred to minimize inbreeding, and for conformation that maximizes both health and function.

The Vaidean family has always had members inside the Hrimthurs Builders and over the generations a larger presence at the settlement until with the latest baron, The vaidean family gave land to the builders allowing them to establish on of their guild houses here which is part of a network of sites all around Tryggr.

The Hrimthurs Builders are the finest craftsmen in terms of architecture and construction to be found within the Kingdom of Tryggr. From a new barn for a farm, to a new palace for the king, the Hrimthurs Builders are the place to go. As the oldest guild on Selene, that is dedicating themselves to the construction needs of their customers, they already have close relationships to a diverse collection of commercial, educational and governmental institutions. Because of this high standards are expected not only from the clients, but from the guild leadership as well.

Casus belli of county:

As a group/settlement we plan to CB the county title from the npc count to secure the county under loyal player leadership this will also allow us to take the aim and aspiration of the settlement to a county scale.(All dependent on the outcome of DSS)

Contact Us

If you have any questions or want to have a chat with us please feel free to join our discords at whatever level you want barony to kingdom. The baronies of Fimbulheim and Skarhelm will cooperate to gain our own County through Casus Belli so their discord our linked below aswell

I wish to thank all of the members of the Tryggr community. That without them this post would not of been possible. It makes me very happy to be part of, what is in my opinion the #1 in all of chronicles of Elyria.


All information above is subject to change as the game is still in development and will be altered when and as SBS release new information.

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