Surname approval

I have been waiting for approval or denial sense 9/16/19. Was under the impression this was a much shorter process...

Any idea how much longer.

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Stole from me, who stole it from Focii here

Posted By Focii at 09:38 AM - Sun Nov 03 2019

A quote by Serpentius in this month's community journal.

"Regarding Surnames: They are a bit delayed as we deal with the large amount of domain names, but they’re not forgotten! Hang in there as we will get to your surname as soon as we can!"

-Found here-

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I'm aware the original quoted text is atleast 2 weeks old. I was looking for a better idea.

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Ah, I apologize then. I haven't seen anything more recent with regard to specific progress on surname approval aside from the subtle inclination that domain names are of a slightly higher priority, which makes sense if we are waiting for the Settlers of Elyria Event/Auction until after domain names are caught up.

It's possible that your surname is soon to be approved/denied but really the only one that can speak with finality on this would be Serp so I'll stop buggin ya :P

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The latest I recall on it is that it will take place after the domain and settlement names have been looked at.

It should be a pretty easy steady case at that point.

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Thanks everyone for the replies; very kind of you. I have lots of patience. Therefore, I will just hang in there until... I am sure they will get back to me when they get back to me.

Meanwhile keeping an eye on Alesia, putting a shine on my armor, getting the Sword blade sharp, and the arrows ready to defend the weak. /bow

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