Rathemare Berserkers

Rathemare Berserkers

Server: Luna (NA-East)

Kingdom: Fortuna

Duchy: Silverbrine

County: Rathemare

Tribes: Open to all

Settlements: Available: 17/19

About us:

We are a small group of guys from various gaming groups that are coming together and led by the Arch-Militant by Count Rathemare To build up the military and defend Silverbrine.

What we are Seeking?

Looking for Highly skilled Soldiers/PvPers Looking for Artisans that will specialize in Warfare.

We still have a places for you and your friends if PvP is not your thing:

Mayors Production (Miners, Blacksmiths, Farmers, and other Artisans) Roleplayers are highly welcome*

Then head on over to our Discord:

Rathemare's Discord