Fortuna Trade Company

Fortuna Trade Company

Server: Luna (NA-E)

Description The Fortuna Trade Company is a cross-kingdom trade company designed to provide business, tradesmen, entrepreneurs and other professionals to network together, to share ideas, discuss trade related topics, and etc.

Membership To qualify as a member, one must be a businessman/guildmaster on their own right or be a member of the aristocracy or nobility (Mayor and above). This will allow access to conversation channels reserved for other business-minded individuals.

Being a member has no cost, real or in-game, and allows for exposure to the business side of the FTC server by allowing for direct communication with other members in the attempt to create different ventures.

Opportunities We offer support for skilled individuals whether in art, writing or other skills that could be of use to other users. At this time we provide the opportunity to advertise their services on our discord. This is beneficial both for the skilled individuals, as it provides business opportunities for them, as well as businessmen that are seeking contacts for various services.

Services: Have a An Auction House Setup as well in the FTC. For people who want to trade before the game release of any items in your inventory.

*This is a Merchant Guild and Auction House. * Fortuna Trade Company's Discord