The chaos project

What is the chaos project?

The goal for this project is to advance the luna server as a whole by throwing it into a state of anarchy to encourage wars and distrust. This will weaken the governments of the world, but strengthen those who live in them.


How do I plan to do such a thing?

I want to create this anarchy by making vampires common. I believe that if I can get enough players, one will find vampirism. Then if they're spread all over the starting continent, and create more vampires, This project may be doable.


What kind of people am I looking for?

I'm looking for people who want to be vampires, those who want to see the world prosper, and even those who just want to see the world burn. Anybody can be apart of this project.


What will this happen?

As soon as we get a vampire, I'd like to carefully nurture it, then eventually have it consume the souls of all of the members of our group, then send it out, after the project's finished, then it would be slain. I'm thinking that we'll be able to get everybody turned after about 3 months of finding the first vampire, another 4 months I'd say for the flame of vampirism to start catching wind, and another 2 to 3 months for it to become a threat. So I'm thinking at it's longest, nearly a IRL year for vampirism to start becoming a global issue.


What happens after the calamity?

After the calamity, the vampire holding everybody's souls would be slain, any of those who decide they don't want to be vampires would be released from their service, or given appropriate administrator jobs. And those who want to continue being vampires would remain apart of the project, if they betrayed me or went rogue, they'd be hunted down and killed. At this point, the project would then become an organization with the goals to feed it's members, and slay any vampires that aren't apart of the project. The vampires apart of the project would be given human associates to lead and live off of. Of course, it'd be forbidden to eat their souls, but it'd be permitted to eat their lifeforce.


If you're interested or have any questions, reach out to me on my discord at:



Format for application:



CoE account name:

Pledge level:

Kingdom name:

Duchy name:

Reason for joining:

Do you think you'd want to remain a vampire:

(My friend code is 5D39A6)

10/29/2019 4:16:08 PM #1

Wait so, you want to even be against other vampires? Just your group ruling everything and answering to no one ? Sounds great, count me in, I just want to say I was there for the fun of it, and I'll bring the army "just for giggles" to "protect" you guys.

But seriously, Vampires may very well be KoS everywhere openly. When personas come into play, it might be easier to start such idea's, but right now, it very well links your account and activity to the sort of gameplay that people can go after and shutdown and say they did the right thing.

I think, the only way I can help you, is to offer this advice : Brainstorm and discuss all potential idea's, but never put anything concrete planning wise into writing yet. When 20+ other groups catch on and start the same thing as you, then it's time to round them all up and become some coalition/association and start this underground in a safe way.

The reason for this, is build traction, and do not paint a target on yourself. We "lawful" players want you to succeed as much as we want to come after you and have our own victory, because the conditions of our success require that someone lost something, a real tug of war with real high stakes, pun intended.

10/29/2019 4:28:27 PM #2

I think you will need to consider the structure you are trying to form, may i suggest cells like a information or resistance sort of vibe.

because if you show yourself openly for a even a moment, there will be people there to crush you. I played with jedi in galaxies when they were walking deathmachines. Older players will remember the balances of power going way out of sinc during that time. No one is eager for the vampires to be common in our game, because it repesents a disruption to what came before.

but the good thing is that you will find many recruits for that goal and playstyle. your organization need to be ready to react in game and out to opposition though. its a heavy contested issue the goal you are going for. but that is its own reward.

10/29/2019 4:29:47 PM #3

Also, there are people who take severe notes and will use it against you in this game, hence the dance of the dynasty's

10/30/2019 12:30:56 AM #4

So, just let me say. I've got an idea for a structure, but it may change depending on how many people I get. Also, this structure won't be public. If you'd like to join, please PM me at (Gunned-out-mary#1402) your application using the provided format. Thankyou.

(My friend code is 5D39A6)