Anniversary Sale blueprint.

I have not received the blueprint that should have been received for participating in all 4 weeks of the sale. Purchases were made during every week and are shown in the transaction history. Were there special criteria for the blueprint beyond simply making the purchases?

10/20/2019 1:50:31 AM #1

The recipe. If you do not see it you need to contact Support as there is nothing we can do to assist on the forums. [email protected]

10/20/2019 5:33:36 AM #2

The details for participating were in the ksv announcment post, and if I was to guess as to where your confusion stemmed from it might be buying items not from the promotional category, or missing a week by not realizing the weeks changed over on Mondays at midnight.

Ingredients and Recipes from Far Off Shores

Once each week during the Kickstarter-versary event, every player that purchases an item from the promo category or a tournament token from the store will receive two randomly-picked, rare resources [4 resources were awarded instead of 2 for weeks 2-4 if earned]. These resources will be from a collection of unusual items gathered from distant shores or hard-to-reach ecotopes. Each ingredient has its own special properties that are passed on to any item they're used to craft and each ingredient is a required element in at least one of 8 exclusive recipes that can be acquired at the end of the promotion: One of these recipes will be awarded to every player that makes at least one qualifying purchase in every week of the promotion. Every ingredient and recipe can be traded to other players, so don't forget to reach out to your fellow community members to get that special recipe or ingredient you need!

If you believe you should have gotten them still then I would email support as Violet suggested above.