History of the Order of the Dark Horse - Story II

Story II

Lord Rodhan Lareif, Black Order of the Dark Horse

There were many years of peace with little unrest through out Elyria, but darkness loomed & tales of an up rise spread across the land. Many settlements across Elyria spoke of the legend Lord Reinal & rumors of immortality spread through out the land. They believed he still played a role in shifting the balance between those looking for peace & those who would seek to harm that way of life.

Some settlers felt the tension building & hoped that the rumors were true, that there was still someone out there fighting for justice against any evil or tyrannical rulers. Others refused to leave their fate in the hands of anyone else ever again & vowed to fight back for themselves at all cost. Rebellions were born and the authorities tightened their grip on the freedom of all citizens, guilty & innocent alike. Everybody, on both sides believed their cause was just & the chaos would leave much in its wake. Eventually, it seemed as if all reason had escaped the minds of those making decisions & both, the citizens of Elyria & the Royal leaders had reached a disposition that couldn't be rectified. Elyria was frozen in another dark moment of its past & there was only one out of that darknessā€¦ to find the light. A familiar phrase spoken by the chosen few, the Dark Horse.

In the midst of the Great Battle of the Land, a mann stood out among the battle torn horizon & brought everyone to a stand still. Many others would rise behind the man as the crowd gazed upon the mysterious man wondering if the rumors were true. Could this, in fact be Lord Reinal reincarnated, here to serve justice on the people who had caused these chaotic events leaving the people of Elyria scared for their lives. The men stood there & did not move for what seemed to be 15 minutes then a sudden storm dropped on the whole of Elyria & darkness struck within seconds as if the moon had covered the sun. It felt supernatural & the power struck though the hearts of everyone who witnessed. When the rain stopped & the sun came through the clouds, a third of the people present were gone, with no evidence of what happened to them or why the rest were still there. The mysterious men were also gone & none had been seen well enough to be identified, but the stories that would be told about that day spoke of a man & a new Black Order of the Dark Horse, & the man's name.. Rodhan Lareif, said to be the reincarnation of Lord Reinal.

The legend would become infamous for decades to come.