Robbed by the store!

The problem has been fixed with the help of someone that knew what they were talking about.

No useless comments from Trolls required.

10/12/2019 11:49:11 PM #1

Hey friend. Something like this is best put in an email to [email protected]

They should be able to take care of you there.

Edit:Never downvoted your post, glad you go this issue solved.

10/13/2019 11:38:29 AM #2

Dang kid, relax, Support ticket will fix this very easy, not robbed just a bug, easy fix

10/13/2019 2:06:38 PM #3

Don't call me Kid when you have no clue. Don't tell me to relax when its not you losing all the money you have for the game.

EDIT: Sorry Labbe I just painted you with the same brush as sawdust for brains.

I see what people say about the hostility of the user community here is true. Its no wonder so many people are turned off to this game before they even see it.

The name of the thread is REPORT A BUG. I reported it. This is where the support menu sends you. They should put the ticket option under the support menu instead of burying it.

10/13/2019 2:10:48 PM #4

As the issue here seems to have been solved, I'll be locking this thread. Also, remember to keep civil, folks.