DSS problem

Hi, I currently have a mayor account and I chose my settlement a few weeks ago. I've been logging in to check if the name was accepted. Today when I logged in, I was stopped at the main screen after choosing the server. A message appeared saying: "You have property names that can be renamed. Please submit new choices for any of the names that can be renamed". So I assume my settlement name was rejected. However, on the right, in the window for Name Your Property, the slot for the COUNT is currently red (and my settlement is greyed out, indicating "Awaiting approval"). The only way to move forward from this screen is to change the County Name - which is not my holding. My count is aware of the requirement for him to change his County name, but is waiting for feedback. In the meantime, I wanted to report this problem as I should not be able to change my County name - as it's not my holding. I can provide screen shots if needed. Thanks.