Character: Gaia Maynard

After reading almost everything from the CoE website, (everything pertaining to the game and oceanic server), this is my character.

Gaia Maynard

A Tylsia citizen of the house Maynard.

Gaia has a deep seated hatred of her Great Great Great Grandfather who earned the noble title of strong brute (Maynard) by following the orders of the king of the land to burn down forests to root out bandits hiding therein. After coming home from the king's celebrations her Grandfather was a broken man. With his wife not able to talk, let-alone look at him, he retired to his den and wrote his confessions in a journal. "To my heirs, I am sorry to task you with replanting the forests I have burned to appease the gods (Angelica and Luna) and return the souls of the soil back to their homes. I leave this home and these titles in your hands to help you achieve this mission. I leave now to return to the burnt ground. May my flesh be taken by the carnivores and my blood and bone nourish the saplings I seed."

Gaia's mother and father love to see their daughter talking to the new species of plants she creates. Telling each soul about their heritage and where souls of their parents were found. Planning with them the route the seeds/bulbs must journey to return to home soil and propagate. One day the family was invited to a distant land for a meeting of nobles to discus politics and feast. The feast was a marvellous assortment of meats, vegetables and fruits. Gaia looked at the assortment of foods with a smile at it's grandeur, but the smile faded when she spotted a green apple in the mouth of a roasted piglet that couldn't have been old enough to pluck from it's mother's teat. As a tear ran down her cheek she glared at the noble who had arranged for such a travesty to befall such young souls, turned on her heal and left the room. Reminded of their noble beginnings, Gaia's parents worried for the day that an order would come to her to burn a forest or harm the innocent. Looking at each-other they shared a more horrific thought, what would happen to the noble who gave such an order?

That is Gaia Maynard before her name day. This is the direction I want to take her:

She has an enormous interest in Alchemy and plants and likes to explore for new plant species. She also has deep love for the Kypiq and can be easily persuaded to do their (lawful) bidding freely.

Gaia is wilful but adheres to all laws. Be it Mann-made, animal or land/soil. (For those who know old D&D, think neutral/lawful.) She doesn't have much enthusiasm for the dance of dynasties. That's better left to those who care. Plants are more interesting. If there is any domain that has laws she can't abide, (I.E. has a lawful thieves guild), she will simply travel around it. Live and let live so-to-speak.

Her attributes may look like this: Str: 2; Agi: 3; Sta: 5 Will: 8; Rea: 5; Foc: 8 Pers: 4; Int: 7; Lea: 4

{ strength, agility, stamina willpower, reasoning, focus persuasion, intuition, leadership }

Most Likeable starting pet; Flower-Cup Porcupine

{ Feel The Love: "Ok. If you made it this far you're either a masochist, or took the TL; DR route." Quote from Caspian's Design Journal "Down the rabbit hole..." }