The Diary of a Dra

Dear Diary,

I'm grounded.

It's only been an hour, but I'm already bored out of my mind.

That's why I'm starting this diary. I've nothing better to do while I wait this out.

What did I do to deserve this punishment? I took off my bracelets. It was enough for my parents to gasp in horror and clutch their breasts as if having a heart attack.

Oh, the horror! What a terrible child I must be. To not follow their stupid bracelet rules. All Dras have to wear two bracelets to show they used to be slaves to the Janoa because who doesn't love constant reminders of slavery? Ah! The good ole days. When the Janoa used to beat us. Who wouldn't love to remember that?

My parents made me put on my bracelets again and sent me to my room. But I will prevail! I have taken them back off.

Now, I'm too bored of sitting here. I'm going to sneak out.

Yours truly,

A Defiant Rebel