Missing week 2 ingredients

purchased a deviants kit and a Tropical orchard kit from week 2 (Basilisk week), I have my ingredients from week 1 that came in but my week 2 ingredients never showed up.

I posted in 2 other threads but both of them were started by week 1 ingredient missing users and I wanted to make the distinction that this was definitely week 2 that is impacting me (as the 35 users from week 1 were resolved).

10/6/2019 7:02:25 AM #1

Still haven't gotten these for my week 2 purchases, should I Email support also?

10/6/2019 7:28:35 AM #2

A single thread is sufficient, you don't need to post in multiple sub-forums. :p Yes, you can contact support at [email protected], although serp has been checking missing ingredient threads lately.

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