Did not receive weekly ingredients despite purchase

Hi, I purchased a tournament token and a farming kit (just to be safe!) on Sept. 24th (last Tuesday) but I didn't receive any ingredients this week. I am in PST (server time) and since the history shows it as the 24th I didn't make another purchase last week. I'm now concerned I won't get my crafting schematic at the end of the sale.

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10/1/2019 3:15:35 PM #1

We will take a look and figure it out, thanks for letting us know.

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10/1/2019 6:08:44 PM #2

After investigating, it appears you made your purchase on Monday evening at 8:25pm Pacific time, which would qualify you for week 1 ingredients which you received.

The transaction log in your store page account shows UTC time, not your local time.

We apologize for any inconvenience.

"Stupid questions make more sense than stupid mistakes."