From A More Civilized Age

This is a work of fiction and has no basis in CoE mechanics or lore.

Atticus wipes sweat from his brow as the forge heats up, his hands steadily working the bellows. The forge is full of carbonized deamon bones that glow white and hiss as they burn, the powdered highland amber increases the intensity of the fire as he pours on a scoop from the nearby bucket. With a sigh at the heat he brings a wet cloth up over his mouth and nose and goggles down over his eyes, giving him the look of a wide eyed monster as the forge lights him from below in the otherwise darkened room. When the air crackles with heat he brings the stack of refined blue farrum blooms to the forge and begins heating them. The ocean ore resist the heat at first but is overcome by it before long. Hammering the blooms out flat he slowly works the remaining impurities out of them, repeating the process of heating and hammering until the pieces are near uniform in thickness. Stacking the numerous pieces together Atticus places them again into the forge and starts working the bellows, the sweat freely running down his forehead and arms as he does so, sparks fly from the forge and the air shimmers as the blue farrum pieces weld together in the heat. Atticus uses a pair of heavy tongs to remove the billet and place it on his anvil, the heavy blows of his hammer forcing the metal into a more solid piece. As it cools past a workable temperature he plunges it back into the coals with a steady hand. Again repeating the same process folding and working the metal drawing it's shape out from a square billet into a round bar a little shorter than his forearm and as thick as a sword handle. With the shaping done he plunges the round stock into a quenching barrel of salt water that sputters and steams from the heat. Removing his mask and goggles the exposed skin on his face is red giving him an odd momentary coloration.

Retrieving the bar from the quench Atticus takes it into another room this one a well lit workshop with multiple stations, under the full light the blue farrum is now a silvery blue the surface still mottled from forging. Atticus takes out piece after piece of sanding stone and works the surface of the rod smithing and shining it with each new stone, the bar now shines with the silver blue of the oceans surface at midday.

Sitting down at another bench he fixes the bar in place and begins to steadily turn a drill, drilling down the middle of the bar length wise. Once he has the hole started he removes the bit and attaches it to an mechanism affixed to the bench. With his foot on a pedal he slowly presses it up and down as a series of belts start to turn the drill bit, the speed increasing with the rhythm of his foot on the pedal. Taking the handle of the mechanism he guides the drill bit slowly down into the shallow hole in the bar, using a brush to apply oil as he drills into the bar it isn't long until the length of the drill bit is through the tube just shy of completely breaking through the bottom. Atticus turns the tube on its side and drills another hole, this one intersecting the one running the length of the rod. Using a hand saw he cuts a small disk off the bottom of the rod and a fingers width piece off the top. Taking out a series of files and chisels Atticus begins to work on grooves at the top of the rod with the opening, they quickly turn into threads under his masterful hand, the new top of the rod smaller than before. On the rest of the surface a crosshatch pattern takes shape. He works the small disk and the thumb sized piece as well. Adding threads to the inside of the large piece and cutting the smaller down small enough to fit into the drilled hollow. Into the hole on the side of the rod he affixes a small button with a series of hollow tubes coming out the back that he feeds into the main body before screwing it down.

Atticus walks over to another station this one housing a scaled down distillery. This is the fourth run of the cardinal honey mead. At this point it should be mostly alcohol. The beaker at the end of the piping is near filled with a near clear liquid, only the hints of tan remains. Covering the flame and picking up the beaker the smell of pure alcohol is overwhelming and he pulls back up his mask and carries the alcohol over to the tube and pours it in. Atticus sighs while he works on sealing the liquid in the lower half of the rod with the small metal plate. Setting the rod aside after successfully sealing the liquid inside, he moves over to a desk crowded with several rock lanterns sitting inactive. Opening each one in turn and takes out the various sizes of silver stones and sets them each onto a wide soft leather mat. Once they're all out Atticus folds the mat and grabs a nearby hammer and starts smashing the stones, in no time they're broken to much smaller pieces which he then loads into a marble hand mill that sits on the table. Turning the hand the small stone pieces are crushed into powder. Atticus collects the powder from the mill and returns to the other workbench with the rod. Pouring the silvery powder into the top part of the rod before setting it upright into and opening drilled into the workbench.

He gets up and moves to yet another station and sighs this one covered in dust but again affixed with an unknown flat disk mechanism, working the peddles the same as before Atticus opens a drawer and takes out a Cyizen crystal of surprising clarity and size. Turning a nob above the spinning disk water starts to drip from a container on the shelf above and he begins to run the crystal across the disk making his cuts. After what seems like hours he moves onto hand polishing the freshly cut lens. Though instead of a smooth surface it's been faceted, the facets of each convex side seem to pull light in and focus it now. The crystal itself is a masterful piece. Going back to the bench with the rod he places the Cyizen lens on top and screws on the cap. Picking it up Atticus feels it's weight in his hand. It's light and balanced even with the liquid inside, turning it over in his hands the crosshatch give it a good grip. Taking the rod out into the cool night Atticus stands in the darkness outside of his workshop. Pressing the button for the siphon does nothing at first so he presses it again and again. On the third press the light from the alcohol mixing with the powdered light stone blossoms from within the handle. The master cut Cyizen lens captures and focuses it. Slowly at first but with ever increasing intensity the light shines until it finally coalesce, the air around it burns and sizzles. The humming intensity that extends from the handle is a blade made of silver light.

Thanks for reading, I'm not much of a writer but when we got the Cyizen Crystals this popped into my head and I had to jot it down.

Tldr; hopeless tinkerer builds CoE lightsaber.