Elyrian Trading Company

Elyrian Trading Company

CEO: Jacques Crusoé
Headquarters: Kingdom of Solaris > Duchy of Seraphim > County of Atiena > Town of Inner Boarworth

Discord: Elyrian Trading Company
Net Worth: 18,650 Exposition Points Approximately $1,525 USD in value

1x Trading post kit Value $50 1x Guild hall $60 1x River Barge $30 2x Otterbears $60 1x Coastal Cutter $

Mission Statement

The Elyrian Trading Company or ETC for short was created with the intention of providing a secure means of shipping and trading via the sea routes of Elyria. The overall goal of the ETC is to be able to reach all corners of the continent of Elyria and drive costs down via our network of ports and trade partnerships.


Here at the ETC we strive for providing the following services once the game known as Chronicles of Elyria is open to Exposition.

1) Shipping of goods.

  • No mater the distance if the item is located within one of the ETC's warehouses we will deliver it to your locally ran port.

2) Trading of goods.

  • One of the more advertised services is how the ETC will host most of the business inside of an open warehouse/general store. If you are in the market to place an order to be delivered or simply wish to browse the wares and buy locally stop by one of the ETC's trade network warehouses.

These warehouses will be associated to the ETC's trade network and will be considered trusted trade centers for any of your shopping needs.

3) *Storage units.

  • Although the warehouses will be known for the trading of goods one of the services the ETC seeks to provide is a means for the average adventurer to store goods they have acquired along the way they may not feel comfortable placing in their homes where they may be stolen or they simply do not have enough space. If you are a mann who faces such a problem this service may be just what you are in need of!

*disclaimer Warehouse use is subject to a weekly fee (1 Elyrian Year). Failure to pay will result in a one week extension to pay the debt on top of a late fee. If two weeks elapse without payment a bounty will be placed for the amount due and all items held within the storage unit is forfeit for seizure and may be redistributed through the ETC's trade network.

Friend code: 2D42A1

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Now Hiring

The ETC is looking for players who are passionate about the potential of trade and working with a team striving to influence the future of trading across Elyria. Positions that need to be filled are as follows:

Vice President

-Driven, ambitious, lives and breaths trade. You would be the second in command for the ETC and in short be the face of the company while the CEO managed the overall responsibilities of the company.

Human Resources

-Tasked with customer service, and overall moderation duties for the discord you would be in charge of ensuring the clients and staff were happy and address any concerns from the people.

Marketing Officer

-We seek an outgoing, friendly, and informed individual to head our marketing department to get the word of the Elryain Trading Company out there. Job duties include but are not limited to: Marketing and sales agendas, Photoshop or graphic design experience to create ads that pop for our clients. Web design experience to create a functioning website to process orders quickly and efficiently.


-Manager of the warehouses. Duties include managing warehouse employees, processing orders to be completed as well as aide in selling rental options at the warehouse.

Logistic Officer

-In charge of managing all shipping items and orders and employing the contractors to carry out the missions. Responsible for managing exploratory missions and charting new locations for the companies manifests. Includes providing details of the islands such as resources, threat level, location, inhabitable or not.


-In charge of delivering the products quickly and efficiently to our clients along with the aide of the general employee's. Masters of the high seas you know nothing of fear on the open ocean.


-General employee that will be responsible for gathering the materials and shipping them to various outposts and ports.

Friend code: 2D42A1

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ETC Trade network

Elyrian Trading Company

If you wish to become a part of the ETC trade network and become a sister corporation due to being in a separate kingdom please send a courier to Lil-Eggwoll#5894 in discord or message me here.

Friend code: 2D42A1