The lore/origins of Corvus Corax

The birth of the Corvus Corax

In the depths of the tropical rainforest lives a proud race called the Janoa. The rainforest is a very dangerous place filled with impressive beasts, giant animals and poisonous plant species. It is a perfect place for medical plants to grow and also a place where great warriors flourish.

The Janoa are known for their powerful and experienced hunters. They have traditions to hunt for trophies as a means to prove their strength and to improve their social standing.The society is centered around competition,physical appearance and mental fortitude. They believe in shamans, people regarded as having access to, and influence in, the world of good and evil spirits. Typically those people enter a state of trance during their rituals and practice divination and healing, they are also renowned to be great warriors, they revel of their past kills, all will gather around to hear the stories of a Trophy Tree, where the shamans will speak of ancient times where they still had mystic powers allowing them to manipulate the forces of nature, there were also those who were enlightened in the occult force to manipulate the souls for dark reasons, all this knowledge is lost now, their connection with the world is not as strong as before.

All of that considered,there was an ordinary woman living in this tribe, and while she had the lineage of a great shaman, she herself is nothing more than a simple child-bearing wife of an ordinary hunter she loves and respects. Happy with the child growing in her womb, she was waiting for her husband to return from his hunt. In the meantime she was ornating their shelter with a trophy of the previous hunt. Hours passed and hours passed but her husband didn't return from his hunt, she knew something went wrong.

She went to search for him, but after a few hours, she noticed something strange, she did not recognize the forest around her, the forest where she grew up and where she lived. In the dark night, she saw a soft and reassuring light that was guiding her to a small glade surrounded by thousand-year-old trees. She immediately understood that she found herself in the heart of the forest. After observing the light for a while, the forest around her changed, no, it was the world that changed around her. Spirits appeared near her and the colors of the forest shifted, she knew she was in ‘the world between worlds’ ‘the world between the ones where we live and where the spirits’ live. Intense pain struck her from her womb, a strong child was waiting to walk the earth, stuck in the world between worlds all alone this pain would continue all night, a boy who was ready to be born, but would not be born easily, or at least not without a price. After long hours of pain, dawn came, the newborn too, covered in blood. Out of breath she looked at her newborn son. It seemed like there was no life in the boy. She lost too much blood. Slowly the darkness began to conceal her soul. Laying without a breath she saw all types of living beasts approach her stillborn son, all these beasts while approaching, collapsed and died, she witnessed the spirits of the beasts slowly shifting towards the her son. All around the boy there were mountain of beasts corpses and after a short while the small boy took a strong first breath. witnessing this the mother died of a blood loss, and while becoming a spirit she looked up and found her husband who died during the hunt. The child started to cry, but immediately stopped when a strange humanoid form approach him. He took him in his arms and carried him out of the glade.

Later he was found near a village, fully covered in the blood of his mother with only one beautiful black feather on his chest. He grew up in an orphanage, and was named "Stillborn" a name that appeared to be cursed. Every night he had the same dream, a dream about a strange humanoid, completely black, covered in black feathers and on his shoulders the head of a raven, a dream about the creature that took him between worlds, a world where life and death mixed.

The humanoid form always whispered the same thing to him.. "You have to avoid the collision of the two worlds, and preserve Elyria as we know it. Keep the balance,it must not be broken, you must find a being born with the permission of the spirits, there is one more in this world. This being represent the forces of nature without perceiving them,only you can carry the legacy of the shamans. Your soul must find a way even if it takes more than one lifetime." Search for the domain that proudly displays the skeletons on their banner, the one reborn from stone is who you are looking for, he commands the spirits, he will teach you the ways to grow even more powerful. As the voice got softer it silently whispered, head to skelanos the domain of the legendary, show the one who rules all your power and work towards greatness with him.

Ready to set out on his journey, as the last shaman he created an order to discover the secrets of this world, an order to discover the truth of this world, an order dedicated towards preservation and to avoid the collision of two worlds. This is how, a guild of adventurers was created. The Order of "Corvus Corax", protector of nature and souls, was born.