[NA-E] University of Uldam

The University of Uldam


The County of Uldam


The Duchy of Ulvemåne


The Kingdom of Vornair


The University of Uldam will be a large campus for multiple colleges to reside in. Education here will grant your characters knowledge but also degrees or certifications required to participate in and conduct certain jobs or professions in Vornair and also other Kingdoms of Elyria.

Code of Conduct:

To Be Determined

Colleges Offered:

Veterinarian Medicine:

Vet Medicine will be the primary College of the University of Uldam. This is because the County of Uldam is a great location for livestock to be bred, herded, and slaughtered. Therefore the need for educated Veterinarians is high and will offer many jobs for the graduates of this program to obtain very quickly. This program will be a Chapter for the H.E.A.L. Organization that will oversee the majority of Vornair's medical practices and professions. Your education and graduation from this College will be fully supported by the Kingdom's organization and recognized on a Kingdom and world basis.

More To Come


Knowledge will be obtained on your own time. Most classes will be taught by players (hopefully) on scheduled times. However, a lot of the skill leveling that will also be required in certain courses will be done on your own time at the Universities expense.

Scholarships and Costs:

As stated earlier all training and learning expenses will be covered by the University. We do expect students to come to the University with a basic list of materials for learning. Living expenses for your character will not be covered by the University. That is unless you obtain a University Scholarship through the Board of Trustees.

How to obtain a Scholarship:

There are several ways to obtain a scholarship here at the University. The most common way is to apply for one in the form of a written document outside of the game that will be submitted via Discord. There will be no template for this application essay, but certain aspects of the document will be looked at in deciding if a scholarship will be granted or not. The other ways to obtain a scholarship will be to send a smaller application by post to the University in game, or show up on your character on the allotted day in the month (last day of each month) to meet with the Board of Trustees and explain in person why you should obtain a scholarship and enroll. Of course, the final way is to show your value as a student to professors of your classes. Then they will offer their recommendation to the Board of Trustees for you to receive a scholarship.

Room and Board:

Living Situations:

There will be "dorms" built near or on the campus that will be offered to scholarship students first. Rooms that are left vacant after the students with scholarships move in, will be rented out at a reduced rate to other students. Outside of campus there will be rooms for rent at normal price at local inns in the County.


Food will be at your own expense unless you are a student on a scholarship. There will be, perhaps, one meal a day around "lunch" time offered for free to all students by the University, but this has not been approved yet.


If you are an educated man or woman and are looking for a secluded place to conduct research, the University of Uldam is also for you. Not only will we be focusing on education, but also research. Research will not be limited to the Colleges offered, but rather to how limited technology for the world is or Kingdom needs. All active researchers will be granted room and board and will be supported financially in full.


Discipline is an interesting topic. Without knowledge of the mechanics of education facilities, the discipline code will be 100% theorized. Below will be the tentative code of discipline. This will apply to all members of the University.

1st Offense:

Verbal warning

2nd Offense:

1st Disciplinary Note filled against you or your character (depending on offense)

3rd Offense:

2nd Disciplinary Notes filled against you or your character, and review of your offenses to determine if removal from University or removal of Scholarship is necessary.

4th Offense:

Immediate removal from the University, and the University Discord.


If you are interested in joining the University please follow the Discord links below or contact me on Discord @ Alamor#5225

The County of Uldam's Discord
The University of Uldam's Discord


All information posted is subject to change from mechanics being announced or revisions from the Board of Trustees. Images and slogans/Alma Mater for the University will be created and uploaded as they are completed. This outline is not perfect nor is it meant to be.

More To Be Added!