No ingredients

Bought a battlecat and have not received any rare ingredients in my inventory. I have checked every page, and have tried setting it to show 100 per page (which shows my entire inventory), and the ingredients are definitely not there. I purchased the battlecat with a debit card, not store credit or a gift card, and the battlecat is definitely in my inventory.

10/1/2019 5:49:29 PM #1

I don't really have more than 4 items in my inventory total, purchased a deviants kit and a Tropical orchard kit from week 2 (Basailisk week) , I have my ingredients from week 1 that came in but my week 2 ingredients never showed up either. @serpentius how many people were impacted by this on week 2, you said week 1 had 35.

10/1/2019 5:56:58 PM #2

If you purchased promo items with store credit you should have gotten ingredients as well. Just wanted to clarify in case someone else that did use store credit did not get ingredients. (I got my ingredients that way)

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