I didn't get any ingredients!

I purchased a forest farm kit with store credit during week one of kick start and didn't get any ingredients.

9/24/2019 6:11:49 PM #1

At the bottoms of the page be sure to change it to 100 per page and then take a look for ingredients because it can hide on the last page or pages that don’t show but are there. It’s hard to explain but be sure to check everything!

9/24/2019 6:21:12 PM #2

We will take a look, thank you for reporting this.

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9/24/2019 7:09:08 PM #3

Hi Violet, I only have two pages of stuff. Thanks Serpentius.

9/24/2019 9:45:56 PM #4

What is the item called or how is it referenced so we can verify

9/24/2019 11:21:43 PM #5

So did you have to purchase by midnight while the first week goods were for sale, or midnight the night before?

I bought a forest farm kit around 11:45p Pacific Monday night before the week 2 reset, but wanted to make sure I was not a day late.

9/25/2019 11:11:36 AM #6

Same here. Purchased 2 of the farm kits, the arena, a battle cat and tokens.

Not received any ingredients

9/26/2019 11:30:53 PM #7

Thanks <3 I was sent my ingredients... Now I can look forward to the other two weeks, I got a tournament token this week.

9/29/2019 7:12:24 AM #8

Was this resolved? I don't seem to have gotten any either.

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9/29/2019 7:15:59 AM #9

How many ingredients are you suppose to receive if you qualified for week one?

10/1/2019 7:29:53 AM #10

Same, purchased a farm kit and a deviant outfit with no ingredients.

10/1/2019 12:25:35 PM #11

I bought an Arena token last week to get Ingredients and also didnt get any.

10/1/2019 1:09:03 PM #12

The first week's ingredients missing were fixed, there were only 35 people that were missing them and that was resolved.

The new items go live on Mondays at midnight. If you purchased your items during the day on Monday, the 25th, they would have counted towards last weeks ingredients, not this weeks.

Thank you.

"Stupid questions make more sense than stupid mistakes."