The Kickstarter-versary Moves into Week 2!

Hail Elyrians!

The first week of our Kickstarter-versary has been amazing! Thanks to your efforts and support you have smashed through nearly every goal on the rewards tracker! You pushed past and earned 8 of the 9 goals on the bar in the first week, unlocking:

  • The Clock
  • The Rock Lantern
  • The Travel Stone
  • The EP Store Voucher
  • Marked Accounts
  • Ao's Coin
  • Glider Technology
  • Cannibalism

And practically all in one go, too! Even as I write this, the next milestone on the bar is drawing closer and closer! What will we do if you hit them all?! (hint: Create more goals!)

Regardless, we're bringing out a whole new suite of items for you to help make it happen!

This Week's Limited Items

This week, five different items and one new unique opportunity will be available in the store:

Giant Basilisk Lizard

Giant Basilisk Lizard


Literally sprinting on top of the water for short distances, this fast moving mount is suited for tropical and sub-tropical domains, offering a perfect way to get above the mire and waters of the wetlands and swamps.

Rebel Sedecim Wear

Rebel Sedecim Wear


Whoever said the Sedecim was a nobles-only affair just wasn't looking hard enough. Crash their party and look good doing it!

Mire Farming Kit

Mire Farming Kit


As you contemplate plans for your vast slightly soggy empire in the south, rest assured that you'll be able to feed your citizens even in the deep mire of the swamps and bogs.




Requires: Bloodline+

Assault your enemies, lob your friends, or see just how far you can throw the melon of your choice! Who's going to complain when you can bring down their castle walls with your catapult?!

The Asiduurian Map

The Asiduurian Map

NOT Tradeable

A powerful artifact for any hunter (or bounty hunter), Asiduurian maps are lingering proof of the magical past of Elyria, showing not landmarks, but life-essences when used. But as with all such artifacts, there is a price...

Note: The Assidurian is a treasured item; only 250 will be available for each server, and only 1 per account.

Legendary Tavern: The Black Cask

The Black Cask

NOT Tradeable

Own one of the 13 legendary taverns of Elyria - The Black Cask - located in the Tropical Wetlands!

Note: The Black Cask will go on sale for each server at different days throughout the week, at a time that is appropriate for the related server, starting with Oceanus, then Selene, then Luna, and, finally, Angelica.

Remember, these items will only be available this week in our store, but the promotion will last two more weeks! That means that next week, we'll have a whole new suite of items and opportunities for you!

All about the timing

Since the 2nd day of the event, all updates will occur at midnight PDT from here on out. That means:

  • The items above and all promo items that are swapped out weekly will be swapped at midnight PDT tonight (9/23)
  • The 2 daily items from the vault that swap out once every 24 hours will swap at midnight PDT
  • Your earned ingredients each week for purchasing promo items will be awarded tonight at midnight PDT (9/23)

The Vault Doors are Still Open!

Don't forget that, every day, we are bringing back two items from the vault of all our past promotions for a 24-hour period throughout the promotion! Be sure to check in every day to see which items are available!

Ever in awe of your support,

The Soulbound Studios Staff

"Stupid questions make more sense than stupid mistakes."

9/23/2019 10:49:56 PM #1

Q1: Does the Rebel Sedecim wear not come with a recipe book like the Tropical wear did in week 1?
A1: The Rebel Sedecim wear is supposed to include the pattern.

Q2: What does "Limited" mean on the Asiduurian map? Limited quantity or rarity? Or both? Please explain..will there only be so many of these per server?
A2: Limited is meant to mean max buy 1, max own 1, not giftable, not tradeable, and a max of 250 per server.

Q3: Can you use the Mire Farming Kit in the Woodland Savanna?
A3: No, it's for the tropical wetlands, the bog, the swamp, tidal marsh, and the salt marsh. If you're careful about how much sun you get, you could get its contents to grow in the tropical rain forest too.

Q4: Can anyone own the catapult?
A4: The catapult itself must be placed during the Exposition period. Though the kit does come with a blueprint to manually build more catapults, this placement restriction means that you must have a Bloodline or higher pledge package to purchase the catapult.

Re: Farm kits: These items are never actually biome restricted. It's not the biome that restricts what can grow where, it's the local climate and soil conditions. You can change soil conditions with alchemy, and you can potentially do things to make the sunlight, humidity, and moisture of a region work for you, if the technology is available to you. So in theory you can Try to grow everything everywhere. When we talk about crops being "meant for a certain biome" we're saying "They will grow here without the need to take extraordinary measures."

"Stupid questions make more sense than stupid mistakes."

9/24/2019 2:05:26 AM #2

That Basilisk Lizard, is a perfect mount for people living in the tropics, that's so pretty. Running over water briefly too? I can see that coming in so handy!

9/24/2019 2:05:50 AM #3

Thanks Serpentius

9/24/2019 2:06:21 AM #4

The Basilisk Lizard is adorable! Definitely would love to see some armor clad To'resk on them.

9/24/2019 2:13:42 AM #5

10/10, rebel wear is best wear.

9/24/2019 2:13:46 AM #6

The Asiduurian Map - Pay-to-win much?

9/24/2019 2:14:36 AM #7

I don’t need the map. I don’t need the map. I don’t need the map. I don’t...reaches for credit card

9/24/2019 2:16:27 AM #8

So much love for these items!!


"Different denotes neither bad nor good, but it certainly means not the same."

-Just a lowly beekeeper

9/24/2019 2:16:45 AM #9

That Lizard will grow into the Taiga or die trying!

9/24/2019 2:18:23 AM #10


9/24/2019 2:23:01 AM #11

Wait so the map just straight up shows where a PERSON is, or is it hooked to some kind of magic?

Count of Raberre's Rest

9/24/2019 2:24:44 AM #12

Oh and for week 3, can we get some kind of livestock? Hopefully something cool like a trison or an otterbear, but one that produces like wool, or milk.

Count of Raberre's Rest

9/24/2019 2:30:34 AM #13

If someone that doesn't live in the native biome of those beautiful lizards purchases one of them, is there a possibility that they won't be able to get any come Expo because of needing to find a supplier in-game that has them in stock to redeem with your voucher? Or will they be placed regardless?

9/24/2019 2:34:01 AM #14

Out of curiosity, will we be made aware of the exact location of these Taverns during this sale since now we actually have the maps to pinpoint them on?

9/24/2019 2:36:47 AM #15

Can we get more details for the lizards? such as needs for them? I understand common sense is needed regarding things such as cold but how adapted to their biome are they? would it be super detrimental to keep them in southern areas with less water? will we be able to even redeem them in odd places to begin with?