County of Fatemount - Duchy of the Baien - Ashland

County - Fatemount (final name pending)

Duchy - The Baien (final name pending); Fioralba (married duchy)

Kingdom - Ashland

Mission: Fatemount’s focus will be supplying the duchy and kingdom’s military with food, gear, mounts, and battle beasts. We will be focused heavily on agriculture and animal husbandry, mining and smithing, as well as trade and infrastructure. Given our location in North central Ashland, we will strive to maintain a large trading infrastructure for the area. Our primary customers will be the military, with a secondary focus on the constabulary. Any surplus goods would be made available to local adventurers.

Style: The Count and Countess’s playing style has always been to turtle, so we will endeavor to create a strong, self sustaining, defensive county. However when called to battle, our response will be decisive and devastating. We look for players with similar mindsets that aim to be strong assets to the county, duchy, and the kingdom. The county will follow the duke’s lead in being ardent followers of the Virtori faith, and we welcome all RPers to Fatemount.

Settlements: We have 2 forts that are looking for barons and 4 hamlets for mayors. All settlements within the county are labeled rich or very rich, and there will be a strong focus on growing these settlements to as large as possible and still be sustainable. The hamlets’ foci would be split between mining/smithing, and agriculture/animal husbandry, and the forts’ agenda would be on growing a sizable defensive force for the region. That being said, we are more than happy to work with any personal aspirations a player might have that fits within the kingdom and duchy culture.

Prospective projects: College of Agriculture, College of Smithing, a large racing track, cathedrals, underground tunnel ways as permitted, adventuring guilds, trading guilds, a menagerie, farming festivals, etc.

If any of this appeals to your playstyle, please feel free to reach out to me or the count! If you like Harvest Moon, Animal Crossing, Stardew Valley, Slime Rancher, or any RTS and 4X game, we’d love to talk to you!


Countess Parascoma and Count Coldsinger

The Baien(Cereus):



Co-Countess of Fatemount

Friend code: 25DD72

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