[BH] The Quagmire

Grand County: The Quagmire

Duchy of Duskholm, Kingdom of Blackheart

Custodial Seat: Shuteye

Custodian: Sephiran Grimsbane
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Our Vision

To drive a new era in the development, growth, and productivity as Shipwrights. So that one day our children will sail the open sea to seek the new world.

Our Goals

To create a vast navy for the Royal Family in the defense of the nation and to explore the uncharted lands beyond.

To grow our towns, villages, and hamlets and develop the infrastructure to promote trade within the nation, and our allies.

Recruitment Status





County Information

Biome: Swamp -- Wealth: Rich

Parcels: 2537-3431 -- Population: 395-520

57% Dras -- 23% Janoa -- 14% To’resk -- 3% Neran

Seeking Mayors for the following Settlements

Village of Gartsilver Ayre

Industry Focus: Forestry

Village of Inner Dustland

Industry Focus: Wetland Farming

Hamlet of Greenraven

Industry Focus: Fishing

Hamlet of Blackfeather

Industry Focus: Logging

In Closing

We hope you stop in and meet us! Thank you for taking the time to read about our community. See you out there.

Until then Traveler,


] Usher, Minnow Harbor

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