County of Aquiba

The County of Aquiba

(currently on the map as Gartburnt Grave)

  • Kingdom: Tyria
  • Duchy: Aquitania
  • Tribe: Waerd (some Neran)
  • Biome: Coastal Semi-Arid Desert
  • Region Capital: Aquibadad
  • Roleplay: Aquiba is an RP friendly region but it will not be mandatory. (Your potential future count enjoys Roleplay)
  • Discord:

As a count, I will endeavor to create a place rich with gameplay and story-telling opportunities. We seek to foster a community of like minded players who enjoy an immersive evolving world and the gameplay it supports.

The County of Aquiba

Far away from the major seats of power on the continent and on the major intersection of many trading Routes Aquiba is a place for wheeling and dealing and skirting the grey area of the law.

looking for: mayors, miners, crafters, builder, tailors, adventurers of all types, and many more.

The Waerd - Brineian desert is rich with mineral resources and caves that are just waiting for the right mann or womann to exploit.

Settle in Aquiba and make your dreams come true.

The City of Aquibadad (currently Gartcliff)

The port city and capitol of Aquiba, Aquibadad is the jewel of the Western Tyrian coast. The gateway to the Brineian desert and Tyria beyond, it is a hotbed of coastal industry and a major trading hub.

We are looking for sailors, fishermen, shipwrights, tailors, pirates, and more.

Aquibadad is home to the cackling Crow Tavern. It provides stables and food for horses and ample space to host guests and their goods. The Inn prides itself in it's wide variety of "entertainment" options. And Reasonable hourly rates and a no questions asked policy. A hotspot for deal making and information bartering The Cackling Crow is where you want to go for niche information and "quiet" contract signing.

…also the rumors of a highly sought after thieves guild operating in the city are of course baseless.

Aquiba is a member of Hegemony of Greater Brineia. A coalition of Counties in Aquitania seeking to prosper together in the Brineian desert.

Seek out your future at our Discord:

All you ever wanted to know about the Waerd:

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Very nice feel and I love the crest. <3

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Our latest map of Aquiba created by the mayor of Am'mahal the lovely Wooga

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