County of Silverwall - Broadharvest

So it has come to my attention that someone has placed in the city of Broadharvest in the County of Silverwall. As the Count of Silverwall, I like to know who my mayors are and this person hasn't reached out to me yet. This may be because I haven't been active enough to really appear to most people. If someone has information as to who this was please feel free to contact me through discord at Khalikryst#3289 or even the mayor themself, so you can introduce yourself.

The Drakeolm Duchy tends to be a rather close knit community and placing randomly can be seen as not a very friendly thing to do if you don't at least try to introduce yourself, though if it was an honest mistake, I am more than happy to share plans with whoever the mayor is and welcome them to the county with open arms.

Again the discord to contact me at is:


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