[EU Al'Khezam] To'ran's Rest

To'Ran's Rest

The county of To'ran's Rest is located at the northern tip of the duchy Asébeia in the kingdom of Al'Khezam, right in the center of the Woodland Savanna's coastline.

It is rich in resources, the most abundant being Fresh Water, the second most abundant being Wood. The importance of Fresh Water for the Woodland Savanna can not be overstated with regards to the predominant soil type, the possibility of dry seasons, and the opportunity to get access to fish.


The county capital has access to most of the resources present in the county already. While Fresh Water is still the most abundant resource trade has become the second most abundant, though Logging being the primary industry suggests that Wood is not far behind. More importantly there are exploitable sources of Stone and Clay on the already incorporated parcels.

Brightoath is about average in its Dras and Janoa population, below average for The Waerd and Neran, and among the highest towns for To'resk.

That being said there are already a number of members planning to migrate Hrothi and Kypiq.

The community

You can get to know us and learn more about what we want to do by catching us on any of the following Discords:

A short summary though - I want to support the people in my county to be able to do what they want to do in Elyria as quickly as possible efficiently, successfully and for the good of our community.

That means I will try to remove barriers of entry like the costs for acquiring a parcel, the cost of starting your business, the effort of establishing the supply chains etc. For that to be sustainable our community needs to work together without every individual looking at their own short term interests first, which I am aware is not an easy thing to ask.

In the end my ambition is to lead a county that is renowned for its great craftsmen, its wise scholars, and its cunning fighters, its daring captains ... its friendly and helpful community.

No matter what profession you want to pursue ingame you are welcome in To'ran's Rest. If multiple people want to do the same thing that can be benefitial for all - groups research more effectively than an individual, you'll be able to specialize more, you'll have to rely less on NPCs, and you'll have people to talk to about the aspect of the game that you enjoy most.

There are however a couple of professions I'd be extremely interested in having in our community:

  • An Alchemist specializing in fertilizer
  • A Blacksmith specializing in tools
  • A Weaver specializing in sails
  • A Ropemaker
  • A Fisherman specializing in fish farms/breeding fish
  • (A Spicer specializing in gathering sea-salt)

A big saw mill and paper mill are also a given, so if you are interested in either of those businesses, or making paper armor you'd also be more than welcome.


Last but not least we will have a couple organisations in the county that I will elaborate on in the near future:

  • The School of Oaths - a place to learn the arts of investigation, combat and deviancy.
  • The Stygian Sappers - a military unit focused on war machines and trade skills.
  • The Tradewind Union - an association that will serve the businesses of To'ran's Rest by uniting their influence and interests.

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Onwards and upwards to prosperity!!!

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Added the Stygian Sappers :)

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Awesome post Lumi, sucks that you moved from Feann but Im glad we are still in the same Kingdom <3

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Added some professions to the list.

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