Settlement of Källadal

Kingdom: Blackheart - Kingdom 5, Angelica NA-W

Duchy: Drakeolm

County: Vikingehaven - part of the HammerBull Dominion

Settlement name: Village of Källadal (Stanarrow)

Location: Shrub Steppe

Källadal General Information

Primary Industry: Pastoral Farming

Size Class Structures: Well, Tavern, Town Hall

Self Sustainability: Very High

Biomes: Shrub Steppe

Size: 16-21 Parcels

Population: 39-52

Wealth: Rich

Tribes: The Waerd (86%), Neran (13%) -- Immigrants welcome!

Features: Wood, Stone (most abundant), Fresh Water, Game (second most abundant), Fish, Farmland, Caves, High Ground, Clay, Mineral Deposits, Sand

Top Professions: Livestock Keeper, Herder, Priest, Dairy Farmer, Leatherworker

Notable: Glass Maker, Herder, Stationer, Fool, Vagabond

About Källadal

Primarily a farming and animal husbandry community, we are looking for all types to join our settlement and make it a home. Whatever you are interested in, there can almost certainly be a way for us to achieve it together!


Lyric#2754 on Discord or feel free to join HammerBull Dominion and meet with others from the settlement, Counties, Duchy and Kingdom!

9/20/2019 4:01:25 AM #1

Very well written. I look forward to working with you in the future :)

9/20/2019 4:17:13 AM #2

Nice post Lyric, best of luck to your town!

9/20/2019 12:14:34 PM #3


Mayor of the City of Widow's Reach, Thane of Clan Hammerbull

9/20/2019 12:21:08 PM #4

Awesome post! Glad to have you as a Mayor!

9/24/2019 12:52:53 AM #5

UPDATED 9/23/19: new link for Vikingehaven

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